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One thing that may help is to check the ground on the fuel pump, the bolts get rusted and the pump will not work properly or not work at all. To find the fuel pump, just lift the rear seats (before this you have to move your front buckets all the way to towards the windshield) , there is a square piece of carpet under the seat that when lifted shows a black metal top with 4 bolts, one of them has a wire , this is the ground for the fuel pump. Check if the bolt and metal underneath is rusted, if it is, just sanded or scrape it with a screw driver as you would with your battery terminals so they allow the electric flow again and try to start again , they may solve your problem.

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2008-05-29 17:13:47
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Q: How can you test a fuel pump for your 2001 KIA sportage when suspect the connecter or wirering may be the problem?
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