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How can you totally delete windows that keep popping up from the same sites all of the time?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-18 05:11:00

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Get a pop-up blocker. Do a Google search on Pop Up blocker and you'll see all sorts of ways. Most are free, or come with your security package (Norton, McAfee). However, if you have Windows XP, go to TOOLS on the uppper toolbar. There is a POP UP Blocker option. Just click on TURN ON POP UP BLOCKER.

2006-07-18 05:11:00
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Q: How can you totally delete windows that keep popping up from the same sites all of the time?
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you dont visit sites like that

How do you clear search windows on sites visited?

if your using internet explorer the in the SAFY tab on the top find "Delete browser History.

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Just delete your account then, so then it won't refer you to unsafe sites.

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How do you delete searches on this website?

WikiAnswers does not make separate search entries on your browser, but your browser history will contain all sites and searches unless you delete them. To delete history in Windows, you use your Internet Options page. To delete history in Google Chrome, select history from Tools, Edit Items (upper right) and the Clear All Data button.

How do you delete a site?

At the moment, Hostweb sites cannot be deleted as it is a test programme. Webs employees will inform us when we can delete these sites ;) Hope this helps!

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Sometimes, it is important to clear out sites that are not being used. To delete bookmarks, one right clicks, and chooses delete from the drop down menu.

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As a user all you can do is block the site. As a site owner you have the necessary tools to take the site down. You can also adjust what kind of content you will allow on your system in your windows operating system.

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delete cookies

What is Windows XP Black Edition?

Windows XP Black Edition is an illegal modification of Windows XP distributed on many warez sites.

How can you block a particuler sites?

Depending on your computer you can use parental controls with Microsoft Windows to block certain sites. You can also use the Windows Firewall to disallow certain outbound connections. Some anti viruses also allow you to blacklist sites.

How can you delete a website from Google sites?

To delete a site go to the site and go to Site Settings and Other Stuff and the delete tool is at the bottom of the page. Be warned that it is permanent and you not be able to re-use the URL.

How do you delete websites on a computer?

If you mean, how do you delete your Internet History. Simply press Control + H and proceed to delete the sites shown. However, if using Firefox, go to Tools, then Clear Browsing History.

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How can you delete sites that you have been on of your computer?

Just go to Tools in your browser. On the bottom of the tools there will be a option called "Internet options". Then there will be a option to delete history. Click it.

Sites similar to windows live messenger?

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Active Directory credentials to access SharePoint sites

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You can delete that by deleting history of browser. Browser history contains the sites that you have ever visited.

How do you get past windows family safety it block sites and it says I need a password to access or delete files under family safety folder Program installers blocked all proxys blocked 2 can you help?

start computer in safe mode