How can you train your dog to use treadmill?

== == * Make this time a positive experience for your dog. Introduce the exercise experience as "play time with treats as a reward". Over time your dog will learn to trust you, his fear will diminish and your bond will become closer.Start out very slowly. Leave the treadmill out somewhere, where your dog can see it and walk by it. You walk on the treadmill for a few minutes at a time to get your dog used to the noise. When your dog comes to investigate the treadmill, give him a treat. Once he becomes used to the noise and presence of the treadmill. Put him on a leash, walk him onto the belt, have him stay for a few seconds then give him a treat. NEVER EVER TIE YOUR DOG TO THE TREADMILL! Work your way up to being able to turn the treadmill on. Then you can work your way up to speed. Consult a professional if you run into any problems. Your dog will love you for treadmill training. He can work of his excess energy and you will have a happier dog. Never leave him unattended on the treadmill. At least be in the same room. == == * If I was training a dog to use the treadmill I would first take his leash and tie it to the little bar underneath where all the buttons are ~ PLEASE DON'T DO THIS. IT IS FAR TOO DANGEROUS FOR YOUR DOG. Then of course put your dog on the treadmill and put a treat on the front piece where it doesn't move then turn it on low when he starts to get comfortable with it you could remove the leash and continue with the process. Do not reward the dog if he messes up at all or he will think its a good thing). == == * You can also use a regular adult treadmill. Put your dog on a leash, but first you get on the treadmill and start at a slow speed. Let your dog get a good idea of what it's about. Many dogs love to do almost anything a human does. On leash, put your dog on the treadmill along with you (just as if you were going for a walk outside.) For the first couple of times the dog will jump off because they can feel something moving underneath them, but be patient and before you know it your dog is running along with you just fine. Don't go too fast and ALWAYS start out very slow.

== == * You don't. He's a dog, not a human. Treadmills are for people, not pets. They're not meant for dogs (or cats, gerbils, hamsters, etc) ... having Fido use a treadmill is not only ridiculous, but also dangerous. Ask any reputable vet. It is far better to have a friend go with you for a walk and take your dog along or, go alone. Dogs need exercise like people.

== == * Treadmills are certainly in for dogs and there are even 'dog treadmills' which are only a smaller version of the human ones. These same treadmills are use for dogs with hip problems or leg problems for re physio therapy. Some people work late or have office work to do at home and some prefer to give their dog treadmill exercise during the week and then take their dog for a walk outside on the weekends. Other people hire 'dog walkers.'