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How can you turn off the headlights on a 1999 Chevrolet Silverado when you are parked not moving and just do not want them on?


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hit the dome light button (small button under headlight switch) four times. The headlights should go off. on some vehicles if you put the e brake on before starting than no lights will come on.

you can also remove the fuse for the daytime running lights, its in the fuse panel on the drivers side dash


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I recently swapped the other way, from Silverado to Cheyenne grill when repairing collision damage on a Silverado. I did not care for the plastic/ composite headlights, and the donorparts were from a Cheyenne. All of the bolt holes were there on both trucks to goeither way. After removing the grille, remove the spring/ buckets/ adjusters from the Cheyenne, install the silverado composite headlights (you will need four metric bolts to match the existing headlight bracket retaining nuts in the radiator support of your truck. You will have todo a little rewiring since the connectors are different for the sealed beams and the composite lights. I have seen companies on the net that sell a complete Silverado change over kit. FYI:Be prepared to battle with the composite headlights yellowing and getting dim at night if the truck will be parked outdoors. Areyou interested in selling your Silverado parts? I have a used Silverado grill and headlights I would be willing to trade.

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