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"When scouting for the magic frog the female rips open its mouth screaming. Then the adhesive is lathered onto the wound leaving a magical lotion therefore undercooking the wound."

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Q: How can you use adhesive in a sentence?
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How do use bond in a sentence?

This adhesive will bond these surfaces nicely.

How do you use fasten in a sentence?

An example sentence using the word fasten is:I do not know what adhesive to use to fasten a mirror to drywall.

What is a sentence with the word adhesive in it?

The adhesive stuck to my hand.

How would you use bond in a sentence?

This adhesive will create a tight bond. My Grandma gave me a savings bond!

What adhesive to use on silicone?

Silicone adhesive.

Use the word cohesive in a sentence?

I'm having a little trouble coming with a cohesive answer to your question. Was the glue adhesive or cohesive?

Can you give me a sentence with adhesive in it?

The adhesive was very strong and dried almost instantly, which was bad because it connected my hand to a doorknob.

What kind of adhesive do they use in toilet paper?

There is no adhesive in toilet paper.

Why do vehicles manufactures use weld bond adhesive?

Because it's the strongest adhesive for the purpopse they use it for.

Can adhesive be used to attach ceramic tile to drywall?

Use a good mastic or adhesive

How can you use the word adhere in a sentence?

Adhere means to stick, connect. Have you ever heard the word "adhesive" well it means it is able to stick to things. So it can be used to refer to an adhesive object ... like say GLUE.Such a sentence could be;"To make two objects stick together you must use an appropriate bonding agent or glue, to ensure the objects adhere to each other."

Example of sentence using the word adhesive?

a precious action involving presups