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Does grass stop absorbing water in the winter?

no, the grass doesnt stop it`s just that theres soo much water that the grass get flouded until it can`t take any more ... that's why in spring it`s all squishy~ Blah that`s the part i hate about spring

What are the plants that grow in water?

Sea Weed, Kelp, Turtle Grass, and All types of Coral, Onions, and Cat Tails.

Where to find a water Pokemon in the grass?

In random patches of grass in every town, there is a chance you can catch a Marill.

What are the best plants for a frog pond?

Alge is one of the best cat tails, grass, water lilles. many plants are good as long as they can live in water.

What Impact water have on reed canary grass?

Reed Canary grass likes highly moist areas. Thus, reed canary grass is best grown in low areas where water often accumulates in spring runoff or during heavy rains.

What is a pasture spring?

It could mean one of two things: A pasture spring could mean that there is a natural water source in the pasture, hence a spring. Think of the springs in the mountains where ground water emerges. There are springs also in pastures, particularly if the pasture is located in the mountains or foothills somewhere. The second thing is if I switched the words around to "spring pasture." This just means that new grass is emerging after the winter snows have melted. Spring pasture is when the grass is new and lush, and the perfect time to put the livestock out to graze.

Well water good for grass?

Yes, well water is good for grass.Yes, well water is good for grass.

Is bermuda grass easy to take care of?

Bermuda grass does best in regions of the country where there is lots of sun. For instance, it will do better in the State of Florida versus cloudier Seattle, Washington. Bermuda grass is naturally reseeding and can tolerate high heat and humidity. Basically you just need to water as needed, use a lawn fertilizer that is specifically for Bermuda grass in the spring and expect for the grass to turn brown in the winter months. That is really the only drawback to this type of grass. I guess I could have simplified my answer just by saying fertilize in spring and water the grass as needed :-). I have centipede grass currently and live in the southern climes and have been tempted to switch to Bermuda grass just for the simple fact that it is easier to care for.

Do fish eat water striders?

yes of course fish will feed on them. water strider (JESUS BUG) also eat other water bugs spring tails and any other bug except one bigger than them!

Is spring water against the law?

How can water be against the law? Its the same as if grass got a ticket for speeding or the wind for blowing too hard. It's Nature for goodness sakes!

Why do tubifex worms wave their tails in water?

these worms wave their tails to create water current to get more air

What Pokemon does ginovi have in Pokemon LeafGreen?

first time you see him all ground type i recomened water, and grass for water squrtule for grass ivusar he has ground type Pokemon every time you see hin

What is the weknes of grass in Pokemon?

Fire is weak to Water Water is weak to Grass Grass is weak to Fire

Does grass get water into it by diffusion?

Grass gets water by us and dew

Where is every Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

Try looking in tall grass, caves, or MAYBE even the water. :P

Does grass beat water in Pokemon pearl?

Yes, because grass absorbs water. So grass is good against water. It doesn't matter what version of Pokemon you are playing - grass always beats water.

Does wheat grass have any benefits?

Wheat grass has lots of benefits. For one wheat grass can act like an energy drink. Wheat grass can also improve your overall stamina. I eat wheat grass every day. I suggest you should drink wheat grass in your water. Barley pills are also good.

Is sparkling waster the same as spring water?

no, sparkling water is carbonated, and spring water is not.

Why do cats lick their tails?

Because cats don't like water they lick there tails to clean them.

Are fatty acid tails hydrophillic?

The tails of fatty acids are hydrophobic, they avoid water. The heads of fatty acids are hydrophyllic, they are attracted to water.

Why would spring water freeze the fastest out of spring tap and distilled water?

Spring water contains impurities that facilitate the formation of ice crystals. Distilled water does not.

What is the relationship between a spring and the water table?

A spring will flow when the water table is above where the spring exists. If no moisture replentishes the water table, or aquifier, then the spring will discontinue fo flow.

What is the purpose for grass?

grass has no purpose if light and water reach grass it grows

Does mespirit hide in its cave after it runs away?

no ive checked there every time it goes in that area its always in the grass or in the water

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