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Sounds like your fiance has cold feet and it's not uncommon. Talk to him about it and see if he will go have a talk to the Minister/Priest. I have no doubt he loves you, but he is terrified of getting married and many men are. Instead of men seeing it like women do ... you love one another they think they will lose all rights as men and have their freedom taken away. Don't fight with him, have patience and try to understand and try and get him to see that Minister or Priest to talk things out. Good luck Marcy Okay, we are are Indian couple. We have been together for almost four years. We are due to get married in November. Sadly, I got diagnosed with Cancer last week, but instead of being the first one to support me, she instead got mad at me, and says she wants to end the relationship. She has ignored ever since. As mad and angry and upset as she is, and as much as she has said meanly to me, I know she still loves me totally. I just don't understand why she is being the way she is towards me. It's hard enough dealing with Cancer, but this added stress, hurt, pain and tears doesn't help me much either. I feel stuck. I want to talk to her, but she refuses to acknowledge me at the moment. I feel alone and yet I don't want to give up on the relationship. What do I do?

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Q: How can your fiance end a 3-year relationship 2 months before you are due to get married?
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