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How can your pool have very high total alkalinity but very low pH?

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2008-08-15 19:42:49

For most residential pools, this is a trick question. One adds

acid to reduce pH and Total Alkalinity. However, as total dissolved

solids(TDS) build, say past 2,000ppm, pH of saturation will go

towards 6.0. One can measure TDS, or use an estimating rule on when

to change water to reduce TDS. To calculate days between complete

water change, calculate ( Pool volume in gallons/3)/(bathers per

day). For example, you have fifteen swimmers per day. Your pool is

about 10,000 gallons. Then (10000/3)/15 yields: 222 days between

changes. In a commercial pool, say you may have 100 swimmers per

day in 100,000 gallons. Then (100000/3)/1000 yields: 33 days

between changes.

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