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How cold should home ac get?

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2007-05-12 15:36:08

In AC terms there is what is called TD (temperature

differential). It is usually accepted that target TD is 20 deg F or

if the air going into the unit is 75 deg f then it should exit at

55 deg f. therefore the temperature discharging from the unit

should be about 20 degrees cooler than the air entering the unit.

Depending on the temperature, humidity etc. this may be an

inaccurate expectation. If you are not getting 20 deg TD, then it

is time to evaluate your system and conditions. First, the

conditions. Is there high humidity? the amount of energy used by

the unit to cool the air is also used to remove humidity. With a

finite amount of energy available, it is split between removing

water vapor and cooling the air. The higher the humidity the less

energy that can be used for cooling. Next the equipment. if the

equipment is dirty, including the coils and the filters. the amount

of air that can pass over the coils is reduced, as well as the

efficiency. Look at TD on the line-set as well. there are two lines

on your unit one large one small. the temperature should be

obviously different. if not then you need a qualified service tech

to help determine why. There are two parts to your cooling unit,

one inside above the fan on your furnace and one outside. Check

both. This is just a start, hope it helps Terry

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