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In AC terms there is what is called TD (temperature differential). It is usually accepted that target TD is 20 deg F or if the air going into the unit is 75 deg f then it should exit at 55 deg f. therefore the temperature discharging from the unit should be about 20 degrees cooler than the air entering the unit. Depending on the temperature, humidity etc. this may be an inaccurate expectation. If you are not getting 20 deg TD, then it is time to evaluate your system and conditions. First, the conditions. Is there high humidity? the amount of energy used by the unit to cool the air is also used to remove humidity. With a finite amount of energy available, it is split between removing water vapor and cooling the air. The higher the humidity the less energy that can be used for cooling. Next the equipment. if the equipment is dirty, including the coils and the filters. the amount of air that can pass over the coils is reduced, as well as the efficiency. Look at TD on the line-set as well. there are two lines on your unit one large one small. the temperature should be obviously different. if not then you need a qualified service tech to help determine why. There are two parts to your cooling unit, one inside above the fan on your furnace and one outside. Check both. This is just a start, hope it helps Terry

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Q: How cold should home ac get?
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How cold should the air be at the opening of an ac vent in your home?

15-20 degrees cooler than the air returning from the home to the air handler.

If its cold outside should you leave the AC off?

It would be advised if you do not want to get cold.

Why does your home ac run but not blow cold?

You need to have your refridgerant recharged

Why does the AC only blows cold while driving?

Well it should blow cold while driving and stopped. You probably need to get your AC recharged. Hope I helped!!

How cold should the ac blow out of the vent in a car?

40f - 45f is great

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Should your cars AC work on a really cold day?

Yes, in fact in most modern cars the AC automatically comes on with the Defroster.

How would you know if you need a freon charge for your AC?

Pressure gauges. In a home or car AC there is small pipe and a large pipe going to the compressor unit outside or in the engine compartment. The large pipe should be cold and "sweating" ( dripping water).

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How cold should the air be blowing out of vents when the AC is running?

55 degrees to 60 degrees

Where should vents be placed-celiling or floor for AC?

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Do home appliances work on ac or dc?

Some home appliances, specifically, resistive loads such as toasters, irons, and the resistive portions of ranges, will work on AC or DC. Motors, such as timers, blowers in dryers, or rotary sources in washers, require AC. In general, home power is AC, so home appliances should be assumed to be AC, not DC, unless you have a special case home, such as a solar powered home, running on DC.

How cold should the air be for a cars ac?

I have a 01 Buick and the ac temp that comes out of the vents is around 50 deg - at idle and around 45 deg at highway speed - Is this normal a normal temp? or should the ac temps be colder?

What could be wrong if your home AC blows cool air but not very cold?

check you thermostat for the temp setting

Should AC unit be blowing cold air outside?

Yes if it is set to heat indoors but if it isn't than go get it checked out by a qualified AC technician.

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How do you know if your ac compressor is out on your car?

Simple, you ac does not blow cold air even though you have it turned on and the temperature set to cold.

Why is my Air conditioner unit outside is blowing cold air not hot like it usually does?

If you are not getting cold air in your home you should call your local ac man to see what is wrong. Because, omg, It could be very simple or something complex. Capacitor is the likely suspect.

When you leave home should you turn your ac up?

Most people turn it up so the ac will not go on and use much electricity. Why should they pay for electricity to cool an empty house?

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Why isn't your 2000 GMC sonoma ac cool but wont get cold?

Check the pressure on the low side of your ac it should be between 28 and 38 PSI, you are likely low on refrigerant

If 1993 suburban rear ac not cold how can check the expansion valve?

If 1993 suburban rear ac not cold how can check the expansion valve?

Does ac run cold for 15 mins then hotwhy?

no it may be overheating or it ma have not been fitted properly, you should get it checked

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