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How come a Dodge 4x4 1997 will not go into 4 wheel drive it will not take the gears but the front shift turns?


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2007-02-02 18:34:30
2007-02-02 18:34:30

It is probably a vacume issue.


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a blown transmission they are known for that expect a $1200 rebuild

no, but dont shift the trans to first when you are going 70

You press the clutch, and shift gears. There are great instructional videos on youtube.

Autostick is a feature which allows the driver to shift gears on the fly much as in a manual (stickshift) car only with no clutch. The gears are changed simply by tapping or nudging the drive selection "stick" up or down.

Maybe, but the transmission may not be able to shift gears.

Have you ever had the linkage adjusted? 90% chance this is the problem.

If it is four wheel drive you will have shift lever coming through the floor in front of the front seat.

Your car might kick when you shift from park to drive if your transmission fluid is low or very dirty. You might also have worn gears in the transmission.

The most common cause for a transmission not to shift into certain gears is low transmission fluid. Another cause is a broken shifting fork in the transmission.

your four wheel drive actuator/diaphram located on your front axle is sticking. i had this problem also RAYGUIVER

Your truck may not shift gears because the transmission sensor is damaged or broken. It also may not shift gears because the transmission or linkage is damaged.

if it was automatic it had a torqueflite tranny and had 3 forward gears and a reverse and if stick shift you had either a 3 speed tranny (rare) or a 4 speed.

my merucry mystique dont shift gears fast

On a Dodge Ram, it runs from the intake manifold, to the switch on the transfer case, to the front axle shift actuator.

It is the rectangular block on the front of the trans case.

It is rear wheel drive, until you shift it into 4 wheel drive.

Do you mean shift gears because that's a stick shift, otherwise im not sure this is right but neutral is when the car is at the mercy of the environment sround it because the wheels are not locked like they are in park but the car can't drive

Mainly because the C6 transmission only has 3 gears and no overdrive.

Grab lever, pul into 4wd position.

You Stratus has what is called Auto-Stick. You can "manually" shift the gears by putting it in the +/- position and moving the shifter side to side.You Stratus has what is called Auto-Stick. You can "manually" shift the gears by putting it in the +/- position and moving the shifter side to side.

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