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You are probably in need of a new transmission. I would get that checked out ASAP because your car is going to die soon, and you will be stuck in the middle of the road..helpless.

2006-08-02 22:53:56
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Sometimes when I accelerate it feels like my brakes are grabbing I feel it in the gas pedal you can also hear a grinding noise?

replace the brakes.grinding is caused by worn out, metal to metal pads grabbing is caused by the metal being hot and sticking

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Why does your cars steering get loose when you accelerate or go fast?

Sorry, it didn't let me go into detail. But it's when I'm accelerating like sometimes at slower speeds when my car is switching gears or I noticed it yesterday on a freeway. The steering just feels like it goes really loose? Any ideas?

Why is it that when the car is idle it shakes and when you accelerate it feels like something is slipping?

Just had this problem and it was bad coil pack so it was only running on 5 cylinders

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