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Just A theory but... Maybe he knows himself? You know in twilight how James just had to have Bella? Well its kinder like that, just up for the chase and once he has you throws you away. Maybe hes trying to protect you? If not that why don't you ask him?

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if she acts like she likes you ask her . if she says no then she is jus flirting with you.

ask her. if she says 'yes', that means she does and if she says 'no', then you're just a self-obsessed idiot who thinks every woman likes you!

You should show him sign that you like him, and then he'll probably show his feeling for you, since he knows you like him.

Watch how he acts around you and what he says to his friends. That will usually tell you.

i would say she likes you if she smiles at you all the time and if yall work in the different work areas and she come around you alot or if you pass by he her she call u over or if people at work says she likes you you notice how she acts around other people and compare it to the way she acts around you if you seem to get her special treatment its a good sign or any kind of body contact

Young men can't handle their hormones. Some are afraid of admitting love and are not ready to be in a serious relationship. They worry that their friends will tease them about being in love.

When ever your around him he blush or acts weird or when you talk to him he says weird things.

Try to become his number 1 best friend that is a girl when you become really close to him ask him out and if he says yes he likes you and if he says no wait for the sun to come out

It means she just doesn't want it gettin out that she likes you. Not yet anyway and you do not have to say if you like someone anyway.

Look up the question "how do I know a boy likes me?" and you will get a great answer. It's all about how he acts around you. Pay close attention to what he says and what he does. ~Shannon

I think so because the samething happened to me and they guy liked me but was afraid to tell me how he fells.

No, she thinks you're stupid to actually think she likes you.

This guy acts likes he likes you right? right. But he might just be trying to get in your head. But you need think about if you like him and then maybe we you see him again without his gf ask him if like you if says -no- then it wasn't met to be. -Best of luck- and remember think about if you like him.

If your ex likes you so much you should ask him one last time if he likes you, and ask him which girl he might want to go out with.

I'm not saying this is 100% true, but I've seen from past experiences that the guy tries to deceive you into thinking he likes the other person when in reality he likes you and doesn't want you to make fun of him or reject him.

Ask her out. If she says yes it means she likes you. If she says no forget about her.

It means he likes you but it depends if he smiles when he says it.

It probably means that he likes you as a friend.

tell him that you know he likes you. and to quit lying that he doesn't. then he will admit he does like you.

Boys can sometimes be confusing..............unfortunetly I have been in this same position as you are or were...........try asking him or see what his body language says

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