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How come police do not use fire trucks?

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Just a wild guess, but probably because they aren't firefighters. Or perhaps firefighters just don't want to share. :>D Because firetrucks are harder to chase people in and they are harder to park and they are harder to turn sharp corners with and they are easier to spot for those unsuspecting criminals :]

2007-04-20 01:24:32
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Why do some police forces use ambulances but not fire trucks?

They will USE whatever they have to. Why would they want to use a fire truck? correct answer vehicles used all depends on the structure of the department police departments have emt and paramedics so do fire dept but police and fire fighters have completely different training police are not trained in the operation of fire vehicles, so it would not be any reason for them to drive one Some police forces, called Public Saftey have police officers who are trained as firefighters, and they do use fire trucks.

What do the police use SUVs and trucks for?

They use SUVs and trucks for off-road emergencies, such as high speed chases. They also use them for the dog squad, rescue squad and swat teams. They are necessary for the equipment they carry.

What emergency response units use animals?

There are many,one of them are police and another is fire truck.Police use german shepards, and fire units use dalmations.

What kind of equipment does the US Air Force use?

Jets, planes, helicopters, trucks, jeeps, and fire extinguishers.

What types of trucks do they have at a fire station?

Various types of fire trucks, which will vary by department and what kind of environment they operate in. A more rural fire department might have trucks with internal water storage, whereas an urban fire department can rely on the availability of fire hydrants. A city fire department would be more prone to having hook-and-ladder trucks in order to reach tall buildings, whereas this wouldn't be as much of an issue for a more rural fire department. Brush trucks would be more commonplace in a rural or small town fire department, what these are will also be dependent on the fire department and what they deal with. For a fire department which might deal with vacant lot fires, but not major forest fires, it may simply be a modified 4x4 pickup, whereas other departments may use demilitarised tactical trucks and tracked vehicles. Some departments will have ambulances as their stations, since EMS is normally part of Fire and Rescue for that town, city, or county.

What are some jobs that use math that no one would think use math?

police men , or fire men

Where are fire trucks made before they go out into public use?

HME is one company that manufactures fire trucks. The company is location in Michigan and has been in the heavy-duty transportation manufacturing industry for over one hundred years, having been founded in 1913.

Why are federal BLM fire trucks smaller than city fire trucks?

City fire trucks (which are called structural engines because they fight fires in structures) have to carry ladders along with a much larger pump because they use much more water than BLM (wildland fire) engines. Since they don't need all that extra large equipment wildland fire engines to be built shorter to make it easier for them to maneuver on mountain roads and through dense forest areas.

How should you use fire doors?

you use fire doors for when there is fire . fire door is for stop a smoke and fire for a few minuts for get people out and firer man to come and stop fire by water for stop fire not become bigger.

What objects use linkages?

Umbrellas 'n strollerz 'n pree much N-E-thing else :) fire trucks

Can you talk to a helicopter in the sky?

Yes, Helicopters have radios similar to what police and fire fighters use.

Why did fire trucks use Dalmatians?

The reason is because dalmations weren't afraid of the horses that the fire "trucks" back then used. Also they would bark so people would get out of the way. Soon though they used trucks instead of horses and the dogs got scared of the sirens. Also it was not safe for the dog to run with the truck. The fire fighters felt bad so they carried on the tradtion even if the dogs didn't help.

Do gasoline make cars or trucks move?

Both. Cars and trucks use different types - cars use regular and trucks use deisel - but both are still gasoline.

What year did the fire service established in Trinidad and tobago?

in the year 1951 they became a separate emblem from the police service because the police and fire service use to be one unit before that period and they took the decision to make the Trinidad fire service a separate entity

Will empty trucks use the same amount of gas as heavily loaded trucks?

No, cause the heavily loaded trucks use more power than the empty trucks. I see you have the same homework assignment as me...

What is a fire engine?

A fire engine is a motor vehicle which is designed to carry personnel and equipment which can be used to fight fires. Many people use the term "fire apparatus" or "fire truck" to describe such vehicles, as the term "fire engine" can be used to refer to a specific type of fire truck. There are a number of different types of fire trucks, ranging from lightweight wildland firefighting apparatus which is designed to travel off-road to massive ladder trucks which can allow firefighters to reach the upper stories of a building. In many cases, a fire truck fulfills only one function. A tanker, for example, is used to transport water or chemical fire suppressant to the site of a fire, while a pumper, also called a fire engine, has an engine which can be used to pump water from a tanker, hydrant, or another water source. Hose trucks carry lengths of hose along with tools, while other trucks are equipped with ladders or hydraulic platforms for reaching high fires. In addition, fire departments often have rescue vehicles with medical equipment. It is also possible to see multi-function fire trucks. Several companies around the world manufacture fire trucks. These trucks are designed to endure for decades, with some fire departments using fire trucks which are over 50 years old, especially in rural areas, where budgets do not allow for the purchase of the latest and greatest equipment. Fire trucks are also very heavy-duty, because they need to carry large amounts of gear, and they are designed to be driven rapidly to the site of a fire, with a variety of auditory and visual warnings to clear people from the road. In addition to being used to actually fight fires, a fire engine may also be used as an educational and public relations tool for a fire department. Fire departments which offer fire safety lessons for schools and businesses may bring a fire engine to the lesson to allow people to explore the truck, and to provide a ready assortment of tools and uniforms to demonstrate. Fire trucks are also used in parades and other civic events to increase visibility for the fire department, and they typically stand by at major events in case a rapid fire response is needed. In addition to working fire engines which are used on calls, some fire departments keep what are known as muster vehicles. Muster vehicles are antique fire trucks which have been carefully maintained to retain their vintage character, and these vehicles are displayed at events known as musters, which typically involve gatherings of multiple fire departments. Muster trucks may also be used ceremonially in parades, with some departments also using muster trucks in funeral professions for fallen comrades.The definition of a fire engine is a vehicle that is used to carry firefighters and equipment for fighting large fires.

How much water does a fire truck hold?

Fire trucks don't really carry the water, they take big hoses and then hook it up to a fire hydrant, which supplies all the water. They just use too much to haul around.

What is a wireless mic frequency?

Like a frequency for the microphone that is going to be illegal to use because police and fire are going to take over the frequency so pretty soon you cant broadcast yourself on a wireless microphone because police and fire will use it 2 communicate to each other!

What is the use of dump trucks?

the rich emplore the use of dump trucks as they have no need for toilets. the dump trucks take the soft stools to poor villages where the peasants use this poo to make their homes.

How do you get into a locked Mitsubishi Montero?

Get the local police to come and use slim Jim to open

Does UK use trucks or planes?

Yes, it uses both trucks and planes.

What cars and trucks use 5x5.5 bolt pattern?

old ford trucks

What are the best skateboard trucks?

I like Paris and Independence Trucks. These are for long boards. Use Randall trucks for trick boards.

Why don't trucks have the small triangle windows?

old trucks had them. new vehicles don't use them ,whether they are cars or trucks.

What size trucks do you use for a 7.5 skateboard?

they should be listed as either 4.75 inch trucks or 7.5 inch trucks