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How come the 1993 Ford Tempo dies right after you start it You have to hold press and hold on the gas pedal for a few minutes before it will work properly?


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Your automatic choke isn't working properly or at all. If the vehicle is fuel injected (which it probably is) the fault could probably be traced to a faulty sensor somewhere. If the car is carburetted either the carburettor needs tuning or replacing. What you are doing right now is no problem, try not to rev the motor too hard though (rev it as little as possible without the motor stalling).


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The fluid is leaking from the master cylinder and running back towad the pedal. Replace the master cylinderanswerchange master cylinder and slave properly then bleed the system properly.

There are "steps" on the choke cam that pull the gas pedal up to a high speed idle when the choke is on. If you don't step on the gas pedal once before starting, the carburator/choke assembly cannot function properly.

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The adjustment is made on the clutch cable, near where it connects to the tranny.

Normally you don't touch the gas pedal , just turn your ignition key

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This is probly because your brake pedal is going down for enuf to turn on your brake lights, deactivating your cruise.You can try adjusting you brake pedal adjustment, which is located under the dash. But unless you do this properly, you might end up with an ABS system not working, or your brakes having slight pressure, even thou you arent pressing on the brake pedal. The end result is that you can burn your brakes out. You can take it to a dealer, and have them properly adjust it.

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