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Most likely if your antenna will not come up on your 1986 Corvette, it is probably due to a technically issue , such as the stereo is wired wrong. Or it could just be that it is stuck down from sticky goo. It could also just be broke in general.

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Q: How come your antenna on a 1986 Corvette will not come up?
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What did a 1986 Corvette cost in 1986?

30000 and. Up

Where is the AIR hooked up on 1986 corvette from the check valve to the engine?

== ==

How do you make the power antenna come up on a 1992 Nissan Maxima -motor is still working but will not come up?

The antenna relay could be bad

Where is the starter located on 1986 corvette?

Passenger side. You need to jack the car up to get to it.

1987 Corvette and the power antenna don't go up or down but the antenna motor runs constantly so how do you stop the antenna motor from running other than disconnecting the battery?

There is a plug on the front of the fuse panel that you can disconnect. It should be labeled and I believe it's an orange wire.

Corvette headlight won't come up on 1988?

head lights wont lock in on up position

Where is the button for the power antenna on a 1995 Mercury Mystique located?

There is no button for the power antenna it works by it self if you turn on the ignition and your radio is on the antenna should come up by it self, if problem doesent go away it could be that ur radio isent hooked up to the antenna (yellow wire) or your power antenna blew.

What to do about my poor radio reception when the antenna does come up?

They sell amplifiers to boost the signal ;)

How do you repair a 1982 Corvette power antenna if the motor doesn't work but when taken off and tested will raise to the up position but not go down?

The unit seems to be broken, it's just a nylon cord that forces the antenna up, then it pulls the ant. down once the signal is lost. The nylon cord came a loose from the tip of the antenna, which is not repairable. By a new one.

How do you get the power antenna down on a 1979 Corvette can hear a click in the back when you turn on the radio is that an antenna relay?

95 % of the time the nylon cord that moves the antenna up and down gets stripped. The power antenna motor is going to cost about $200.00. The antenna mast is about $40.00 which comes as part of the nylon cord. The motor that drives the antenna must bestill working. The procedure to fix takes about 15 minutes. Remove the nut that secures the antenna and slowly pull the antenna out od the socket. Take the new antenna with the nylon leadand feed it into the socket hole. You can then secure the antenna in place with the holding nut.

When you key up your mic the red antenna light does NOT come on as soon as you talk it does Why?

Some transmission modes send no power to the antenna if you are not speaking. If the antenna light is sensing radio frequency energy, it will come on only when you speak. This applies to single sideband (SSB). AM and FM transmitters send power to the antenna all the time.

How do you get to the power antenna on a 1989 corvette convertible?

try jacking car up remove tire and wheel look to see if the inner wheel well is removable seems like that's the access to it

Why won't my gauges light up on my 1987 Corvette?

Well is your battery putting out enough voltage to power the gauges? On my 66 corvette I have to really step on the gas and then my gauge lights come on.

Headlight for 93 Corvette won't come up motors and actuator Module are ok?

Leak in the vaccume lines.

Why won't the power antenna go up and down on a 1988 corvette but you can hear the motor working?

Probably broken plastic wire inside that makes it go up and down. Had the same problem and took apart and ordered new mast.

What is a 1977 Corvette?

A Corvette that was built in late 1976 up to late 1977.

How fast does a 1988 Corvette go?

A CORVETTE 1988 goes up to about 180

How do you tarp a 03 ZO6 corvette over antennea?

if your antenna mast goes up and down when you tyun if on turn the radio off and it should go down if not remove the mast they just screw off the top if your antenna mast goes up and down when you tyun if on turn the radio off and it should go down if not remove the mast they just screw off the top

How do you remove the fuel tank from a 1986 corvette you lossened up everything but the frame rails seem to be in the way to drop the tank?


Your VW Passat stereo will not pick up any radio stations?

Your VW Passat stereo will not pick up any radio stations if the antenna has come loose. The retractable antenna may also be stuck in the down position which severely limits its ability to pick up stations.

How do you get an outdoor antenna to stand up?

By mounting it on an antenna mast with the appropriate attachment bracket.

Why does a 1986 corvette run rough when warmed up?

Early production coupes in 1986 had issues with cracking around the head attachments, and may suck air and run rough. You may need to replace with the later version aluminum heads.

How do you change the antenna mast for a 1988 Corvette?

I changed mine by going through the hatch as if you were going to change the tail lights. The other option is to remove the wheel and wheel well cover. More work and the car is up on a jack.

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