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How composite structures fittnig in airplane?

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2007-07-07 18:43:49

Assemblies made of composites are typically installed by

fasteners. Composite structures are made of glass fibers or carbon

fibers that have glue that bonds it together in an oven. During

manufacture of the composite structure, a metal strip or a rib or a

bushing will be attached to it that will allow it to be mated to

the airplane or other structure. For example: take a complex

helicopter rotor blade. These are usually made by winding long

fibers along the length of the blade to form the main spar. Then

more fibers are wound around this in a spiral trace from one end to

the other. Over this a skin is added and a leading edge shield is

attached. At the root of the blade, the first fibers that are laid

down are usually wrapped around a bushing that becomes the bolt

hole for attaching it to the main rotor hub. The tip of the blade

is trimmed off and sometimes a tip cap is added.

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