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How composite structures fittnig in airplane?

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Assemblies made of composites are typically installed by fasteners. Composite structures are made of glass fibers or carbon fibers that have glue that bonds it together in an oven. During manufacture of the composite structure, a metal strip or a rib or a bushing will be attached to it that will allow it to be mated to the airplane or other structure. For example: take a complex helicopter rotor blade. These are usually made by winding long fibers along the length of the blade to form the main spar. Then more fibers are wound around this in a spiral trace from one end to the other. Over this a skin is added and a leading edge shield is attached. At the root of the blade, the first fibers that are laid down are usually wrapped around a bushing that becomes the bolt hole for attaching it to the main rotor hub. The tip of the blade is trimmed off and sometimes a tip cap is added.

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What is radome in aircrafts?

The radome is the cover over the nose of the airplane. Inside of it is the weather radar antenna It is usually made out of fiberglass or composite material so it will not interfere with the radar system.

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*Composite structures have some other unique characteristics. There is no yielding or bending point. When the ultimate strength is reached, it simply explodes or disintegrates. Metal alloys on the other hand usually exhibit a definite yield point or point at which some bending occurs before final failure. This allows us to utilize a smaller safety margin when using metals than is possible with composite structures. In other words, we must make the composite structure bigger and heavier to account for the extra safety margin. Composite materials allow engineers to create very complicated structures with reduced weight and increased strength at a lower-cost than can be achieved with some metal structures, but the limitation is usually in the manufacturing or machining methods available and not in the strength to weight ratio. In fact, it is usually possible to create a simple metal structure that is just as strong, stiff, and lightweight as is possible with most composites.

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