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it could be the antenna that is fed down the a-pillar. I couldn't figure out why mine was leaking, i couldn't get it to leak when I put the hose anywhere on the windshield. It wasn't until I tried the roof, and the water was running over the base of the antenna that it started coming inside. Definitely not the window.

Perhaps the antenna wire needs to be looped inside the frame so water runs off in there, because it's running along the cable into the car and dripping on the drivers side floor. It was quite the ordeal to put that new antenna in in the first place, and after spending some time up side down trying to fix the water issue I gave up and caulked the antenna to the roof.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-01 20:07:32
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Q: How could i fix a window leak in a 1994 Honda civic ex 2 door it leaks in the front drivers side floor it goes all the way back to the backseat what could this be caused by?
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1994 Honda Civic DX 2door (coupe) has a fuel pump located on the fuel tank. Under the backseat on the drivers side. Fuel pump is located under the backseat on the drivers side. On top of the fuel tank.

How do you repair a non-power drivers side window that keeps falling in a 94 Honda Civic?

Replace the window regulator.

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The backseat is held on by mounting bolts. Removing the bolts will allow the backseat to pop off of the 1999 Honda Civic. Installation requires to mount the seats correctly.

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a fault. it's just broken.

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If you're trying to find out how to replace the power window motor for a 1997 Honda CRV, don't come to this web site. It's only advertisements.

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The rubber is dry; use a silicone based lube roll windows all the way down and spray all the rubber that guides the window up and down

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the normal battery is under the hood, but the batteries for the IMA are behind the backseat.

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Break the window with an iron wrench.

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A 1995 Honda Civic will have a trim on top of the window that can be removed. Once removed, the window will have a spot to slide out of the door. Slide the old window out of the door and replace with the new glass.

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rear window

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Pushing the button!!

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No, it will not fit.

Fuse for window wipers 2000 Honda civic no owners manual?

Window wipers are not working. Is there a fuse for this?