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Q: How could your screwtail Boston terrier have a pup with tail?
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How do you break a Boston Terrier's tail?

If you have or seen a Boston Terrier and there tail is kinked, it's just the way there tail is. it has never been broken. Unless somebody actually goes and breaks the dogs tail.

What causes hair loss on a Boston Terrier's tail?

Bostons don't have a tail!

Has anyone every saw a Boston terrier with no tail or nob?

My Boston Terrier was born with NO TAIL at all. Nothing. Nada. For quite some time I've wondered if this is a fault on the breed, but no one has been able to answer that. And I do mean NO TAIL at all.

How do Boston terrier tails look?

Although it is unusual, a Boston Terriers tail can be crooked, have bumps, or the dog may have no tail at all.

When do you cut a boston terrier puppy tail?

When they aren't looking

How do you care for Boston terrier's ingrown tail?

Follow the advice of a Veterinarian

How are Boston terrier tails done as puppies?

The Boston is born with a small crooked corkscrew tail, most breeders have them docked because their usually not very "pretty" in their natural state.

When should a Boston Terrier's tail be docked?

In Boston Terriers (as well as all the other dogs that have docked tails), the docking must be done sometime before the puppies turn 2 weeks old.

What does a Boston Terrier's screw-tail look like?

Some times they look like they've been broken, whuch is normal. Typically though they lay close to the rectum and are kinked or twisted.

What is the ideal tail shape of a Bedlington Terrier?

its tail should look like a big lump of cotton

Are West Highland Terrier's Tail usually docked?

No. Never.

What are dogs called with a curled tail?

It's a Norfolk terrier

Do Boston terriers have long tails?

No. A Boston Terrier's tail length should be preferablya quarter of the distance from set-onto hock.Answer:Boston terriers have log tails when born, but many have the tail amputated (docked) to a shorter length when they are still puppies. This is done (according to owners) to prevent balls of fecal matter from becoming stuck to the tail hair. Many dogs have appearance standards calling for docked tails.

How short a Jack Russell terrier tail must be dock?

Jack Russell tails should be docked between 3-5 days of age, and unless you are an experienced breeder it is best if performed by a licensed veterinarian. The formula for docking tails is: take one-third OFF, leave two-thirds ON. If there are any doubts about length it is better to err on the side of too long than too short. You can always re-dock if the tail is too long but you can never add back on if docked too short.A Myth: There is no such thing as a "standard length" of tail (i.e. 4"). The length of tail when the terrier reaches maturity will vary in relation to the size of the terrier. For example, a 10" terrier will have a shorter tail than a 15" terrier and vice versa. What is important is for the tail to be in balance with the overall size of the terrier. This is also the time to have the dewclaws removed.The tails are docked for reasons of tradition and hunting.

How long should a Lakeland terrier's tail be docked?

According to the breed standard of the American Kennel Club (AKC), a Lakeland Terrier's tail should be docked so that the tip is in level with the occiput when the dog is standing in a show position. However, if you are not showing your dog, there is no reason why you should dock your Lakeland Terrier's tail. Docking causes great pain to the dog, and may also be illegal in some countries such as the UK.

Does the Yorkshire Terrier have a docked tail?

No they don't, but when they're a puppy, you can put a rubber band around it, and in a couple weeks, the tail will fall off, and be docked!

Are Boston terriers born with a short screw tail or are the tails cut off?

Boston Terriers are born with a screw tail. According to the American Kennel Club, Boston Terriers with docked tails will be disqualify.

How do you shave a Staffordshire bull terrier's tail?

This should rather be done by a professional as it can be easy to cut the dog.

Picture of a Boston terrier with a tail?


What type of dog is Angel in Lady and the Tramp 2?

I believe she is a mix, perhaps with a hint of pekingese (curly tail and coloring) and terrier.

Why does your goldfish have a curled tail?

The fish could have been bred to have a curled tail so it could be genetic. It could also be caused by the fish having been kept in a tiny container or the tail could have been damaged and the regrowth (scar tissue) has made the tail curl.

Do people cut Boston terriers tails?

No, never. Bostons don't have much of a tail other then a small corkscrew and you leave it alone. If you get a Boston with a tail it is not full bred but don't ever dock it. I doubt a vet would anyway.

How long is flight to Greece from Boston?

71/2 hours with a tail wind

What breed of dog is lady's friend in Disney's film lady and the tramp?

Tramp is a Kerry Blue Terrier mix. Note the folded ears and the carrot-shaped tail. There is a rumor that Walt Disney owned a Kerry Blue! Her two neighbors were a Scottish Terrier and a Bloodhound.

How do you bob rat terrier tails?

Tail bobbing should only be done by a licensed vet, since it is major surgery. Both skin and bone needs to be cut, and the skin stitched to cover the wound. Tail bobbing is loosing popularity in the United States, but is still required by many breed standards. Some rat terrier puppies are born with bobbed tails. Mine was!