How dangerous is it if a 14-month-old drank rubbing alcohol?


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If the child is still fine then he is in no danger from the alcohol. However, he is in danger if he is still in a place where he can get at things like rubbing alcohol. Child locks are a must. Also children that small need to be in sight of an adult all the time. Not just where they could be seen, they need eyes actually looking at them all the time. Get a first aid manual, activated charcoal and ipecac at the drugstore and put the poison control number on the fridge. Never hesistate to call.

I'm finding it hard to visualize a 14 month old helping himself to a rubbing alchohol cocktail. This behavior is only dangerous if you think that a baby being killed is a serious matter. I would feel compelled to find out exactly how and who made it possible for the child to get his hands on this poison. Then, I would have to take whatever steps were necessary to make absolutely sure this never happened again. To do otherwise is to make it possible for a young, helpless child to die. Plain and simple.

very dangerus it could cause brain damage!!!!!!


WOOD GRAIN ALCOHOL will cause brain damage and possible blindness. If this has just happened today take the child to the ER NOW and get off the internet. The child could also could into respitory failure and kidney failure.

I have 12 grand kids and can never immagine this happening without rushing them to the hospital. PLEASE DO THAT NOW.......I have been a substance abuse counselor and have seen adults die from consuming Rubbing or wood alcohol. GOD BLESS the child Reggie