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How did Adolf Hitler help cause World War 2?

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Hitler didn't help cause it, he did cause it. He wanted to regain territory lost after losing World War 1. So when he invaded Poland, France and Britain had to help its ally and declared war on Germany. If Hitler didn't invade, France and Britain wouldn't have declared war.

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The Lend Lease Act did not cause or help cause World War 2. It helped the Brits during the Battle of Britain and Battle of the Atlantic. The war was cause by Adolf Hitler and the Japanese.

Adolf Hitler with the help of porche.

Japan Joined The Axis.

Adolf was born as Adolf Hitler. His father, Alois, had the surname Schicklgruber, but he changed it to Hitler before Adolf was born, so Adolf never changed his name.

Adolf Hitler was a great motivator. He promised to make Germany great again after its loss in World War 1. He was a great speaker, and had soon persuaded the Germans that Jews were the cause of their problems. The Germans needed someone like this, someone who could, and would help their country to become great.

Jesse Owens. He was an African American, and his performance was an embarrassment more so to Adolf Hitler, than the German people. At that time, Adolf Hitler was trying to convince the world that the German people were the master race, and to have an African American beat the best in the world, didn't help the cause of the third Reich.

Fascism helped cause world war 2 by inspiring leaders like Adolf Hitler to become the leader of the Nazi Party to bring down the inferior race of the Jews. Then During the World War 2 He.....CLICK MORE

they wanted to help to defeat the adolf hitler they had a great time by meeting new women

One person who was of great help to Adolf Hitler was a highly decorated WW1 fighter pilot called Hermann Goering. Hitler was also able to rely on Rudolf Hess, his deputy.

Adolf Hitler became very powerful in Germany during the start of world war two:). I hope that was help

In 1940 the Soviet Union annexed Lithuania. From 1941-45 Lithuania was under German occupation. A few Lithuanians, acting as individuals, joined the SS but the country as such did not help Hitler.

A falsified document listing the intentions of Jews to take over the world. Apparently it was held as truth by Tsar Nicholas Romanov and Adolf Hitler, and was even used by Adolf Hitler to help rally his troops against the Jewish community, mentioning that it was a holy document.

Adolf Hitler was Germany's leader from 1933-1945. He was one of the major, if not the only starting factor, of World War II. SS is an abbreviation of Schutzstaffel and was a major Nazi military organization. Hitler and the Nazis were the cause of approximently 6 million Euporpian Jews deaths (called The Holocaust.) I didn't give very much detail about any of these, so these sites may help you understand The Holocaust, Nazis, Adolf Hitler, World War II, and the SS more: -The Holocaust; -Hitler; -World War II -The SS; -Nazis.

Adolf Hitler served in world war 1 and was mad that Germany lost. other countries made Germany pay their war debts. so he became leader of Germany and started world war 2. he was also trying to take over the world. still Germany lost and Hitler failed to restore the nation to glory.

Well, the peace treaty forced Germany to follow regulations, like how large its military could get. Many German didn't like this. One of them, Adolf Hitler, took action, and broke these rules.

Here are some websites that will help you: I hope these help you!

They believed that Adolf Hitler would help their economy

They believed that adolf Hitler would help their economy

he started a big killing of the Jews where he would just kill and everyone who was not a Jew would help unless they wanted to die and he wanted to rule the world and then Einstein came and made a bomb because he was a Jew and he did not want to die then Hitler died and he did not rule the world.

Ok Hitler was not mean all of his life as you put it. Hitler is actually highly misunderstood he over his whole life tryed to help the world he was a Nazi Humanitarian his actual goal in life was to save the world from the people who inhabit it. He thought the Jews and all of the unpure to be evil and he believed they would bring about the end of the world.

Yes. The Protocols are a falsified document listing the intentions of Jews to take over the world. Apparently it was held as truth by Tsar Nicholas Romanov and Adolf Hitler, and was even used by Adolf Hitler to help rally his troops against the Jewish community, mentioning that it was a holy document. It is however clearly fake.

The German soldiers were the Nazi's. The Americans were trying to capture Adolf Hitler because he was a dictator and killed many people in the hallocaust.

Anne Frank's diary helped people by telling them how an ordinary teenage girl lived her life when life was troubled by Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was ruler of Germany and so the Frank family was forced to move into hiding...

Adolf Hitler committed many war crimes but was not captured because he committed suicide the day he saw that the whole German empire was destined to collapse and that Soviet soldiers were coming by the thousands. Adolf Hitler killed many Jews in World War II and tortured them, often by sending them to death or labor camps, in which many died every day. He believed that Jews were to blame for the German defeat in World War I. After the war, Isreal was created to help relocate the Jews that had survived the war. Many Jews would never even think about going back to Germany.

because the people were sick and tired of the goverment issues in berlin and they were desperate for someone to fix it

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