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Q: How did Americans disagree over the meaning of the Constitution?
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Disputes over affirmative action demonstrate that?

Americans disagree over the public's legitimate role in ensuring the equality of opportunity.

What did President Kennedy declare in response to riots over desegregation at the University of Mississippi?

A:african americans were free to disagree with the laws passed by elected representatives B:americans were free to disobey bad laws C:americans were free to disagree with the law but not to disobey it D:african americans had to accept segregation

What were the results of the constitution?

lots of disagreements over its meaning.

What difficulties are there in deciding the meaning of the words of the constitution?

Some of the difficulties in deciding the meaning of some of the constitution is because of the time it was written. Language has changed drastically over the years.

What was the disagreement over the meaning of the words in the Constitution?

Hamilton wanted a strong federal government, he favored taking a broad view of the meaning of the words is the Constitution. Where as Jefferson believed in small local government, he favored taking a narrow view of the meaning of words in the Constitution.

One of the reasons the American democracy has survived over 200 years is?

Americans have shared a committment to the Constitution.

How many Protestant religions are there in US?

over 35,000 who all disagree with each other on at least one thing.

How has Congress helped to expand the meaning of the Constitution?

By believing in almighty sosa him and the glo gang took over

What did the colonies disagree with England over?


How did the SAW effect the relationship between Cuba and America?

the Americans let the Cubans write their own constitution, but Cuban's had to go by the PLATT AMMERNDMENT this allowed the Americans to have complete controll over Guantanamo Bay.

How may a dispute between Congress and the Executive branch be resolved when they disagree over an interpretation of Constitutional powers?

I think the Supreme Court would settle it, because it's the Judicial branch's job to interpret the Constitution.

Examples of prefixs over?

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