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Australia defended itself during World War 2 with it's army and navy. Britain and America supplied many of the arms used by the Australians, who fought in Europe as well as defended their homeland from the Japanese.

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Q: How did Australia defend itself during World War 2?
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Did the US and Great Britain help defend Australia during World War 2?

yes Australia was our one of our allies against japan

Who liberated Australia during World War 2?

Australia defended itself and was never captured and so did not need liberating.

What was Australia's objective in World War 2?

First to support the British war effort against Germany, then to defend itself against the threat of Japan.

What was Australia's relationship with America and England during World War 2?

Australia's relationship with Britain started to deteriorate when Australia wanted to bring their troops home to defend Australia but Britain wanted to use them elsewhere. Australia turned to America and they united to fight japan.

Why was Australia's national security threatened during World War 2?

There was no direct threat by Germany or Japan. Germany was focused on Europe and the Middle East. Australia involved itself by going to the Middle East and England. Japan's aim was to capture South East Asia and New Guinea and their economic resources and defend them. It had no plan or capacity to capture Australia. Australia became involved by stationing troops in Malaya and defending its territory in Papua New Guinea.

Did France surrender in both world wars?

No. Though invaded in both World Wars, France was able to successfully defend itself during World War 1 (the vast majority of combat in WW1 occurred inside the French borders). However, they were outmaneuvered and out-thought during World War 2, and forced to surrender.

What country conquered Australia during World War 2?

No country conquered Australia during WW2 or any war.

Why did the us have to go into worl war 2 after pearl harbor was attacked?

It was sucked into the world war 2 , and it had to defend itself .

Why did Albania join World War 2?

In simple words, to defend itself.. It was more of the case, the WW2 joined Albania.

What war all of Greece united together to defend itself against the world's largest empire army?

Persian War.

Which side did Australia fight on during world war1?


Where was Australia based during World War 1?


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