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As a member of the British Commonwealth. From June 1914, Britain was at war, therefore Australia was also at war.

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Q: How did Australia get involved in World War 1?
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When did Australia become involved in world war 1?

In 1914.

What battles of World War 1 was Australia involved in?


Why was Australia involved in both world wars?

Australia was part of the British Empire and the British Empire was in world war 1 and world war 2

What dates was Australia involved in world war 1?

90 years ago

How did Australia become in World War 1?

If you mean Australia it wasn't involved in WWI....or any of the WW's actually

How was Australia involved and why in world war 1?

As part of the British Empire Australia joined WW1 with the rest of the UK

Why were Australia and New Zealand involved in World War 1?

As members of the British Empire, they thought they had an obligation to do so after Britain involved itself in the war.

What made World War 1 a world war?

It was a world war because it involved countries from different continents - Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, Australia.

Why did Australia enter World War 1?

It's a commonwealth of the British Empire. Being that Britain was directly involved with the war, countries such as Australia and Canada were pulled in.

What continents were fought on during World War I?

Asia, North and South America, Europe, Australia and Africa were all involved in World war 1.

What continents where involved with World War 1?

All of the continents, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, and South America, with the exception of Antarctica, were involved in World War I.

Was Africa involved in World War 1?

no not at all they were not involved in the first world war

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