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They got it form their mothers'. It was hereditary.

2006-08-13 20:22:03
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Q: How did Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez get the rear ends they have now?
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Who is Jennifer Rear dating?

Jennifer rear is dating mark moody for a long time Mark moody have a fight with Jennifer rear

Will the rear end carrier from your 81 Camero fit your 94 Chevy half ton?

no way, car rear ends are alot smaller then truck rear ends. it will not work.

Did many 1984 trucks come with limited slip 12 bolt rear ends?

Most trucks in the 1980s did not come with 12 bolt rear ends. The most common was 14, but 10 bolt rear ends were also in evidence.

How can i tell a 7.5 rear end from a 8.5 rear end?

Simple answer is count the bolts on the diff cover. Generally 7.5 rear ends are 10 bold and have somewhat square corners. While the 8.5 rear ends have 12 bolts and are round.

Keisters are what?

butts rear ends rumps etc.

What is considered the rear of the engine?

When you open the hood, look where your windshield ends, below that is the rear of the engine.

How do you know if your 10 bolt Chevy rear has c-clips?

All GM. rear ends have c- clips that hold the Axels in. Except 3/4 tons and up with full-floating rear ends.

Where can you find photos of interior rear end differential gearing?

eBay under Chevy rear ends

Does dodge rear ends interchange with older gm trucks?


What rear and front ends are in your 2001 wrangler sport?

what front and rear end are in a 2001 wrangler sport 4.0

What is the fastest street legal semi-truck?

The speed of a semi truck is determined by the powerplant, transmission, and rear end gear ratios. Take three trucks.. let's say, in this case, three Freightliner Classic XLS... they have the same motor, same transmission, but different rear end gear ratios. One truck has 3.36 rear ends, one truck has 3.70 rear ends, and one truck has 4.11 rear ends.. the truck with the 4.11 rear ends would be the slowest of the three, but better suited for particularly heavy loads. The truck with 3.36 rear ends would be the fastest. The fastest truck I've ever driven was a Peterbilt 389 with a Cummins Select 600 horsepower motor, 13 speed Eaton Fuller transmission, and 3.25 rear ends. It was capable of doing over 140 Miles Per Hour.

What does all elephants have that starts with an r?

rough skin rear ends

Word for the back end that begins and ends with same letter?


What spline axle does a 1984 f150 have?

It will either be a 28 or 31 spline. I believe that most open rear ends used 28 spline and the limited slip rear ends used 31 spline.

Movies where Mario Lopez is shirtless?

He appeared naked from the rear in the cable television series "Nip Tuck".

Where are the rear abs sensors located on 1997 Volvo 850?

usually at the outer ends of the rear axle behind the backing plate

Does a 1998 dodge 1500 4wd have a locking or non-locking rear ends?

It could have a limited slip rear end.

Is there a Locking rear end for a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes, there are locking rear ends available from many after market sources.

What are the adaptations of a mountain goat?

horns, rear ends, hooves :)Mountain hooves

One covalent bond found in the human body?

it is found in your rear ends

Where can you find rear bumper ends for dodge raider 1988?

I got my rear bumper ends through a Chrysler dealer in Niagara Falls Canada. They were ordered through the states in 06. Very expensive but I got some. Marc

Will 1996 5.0L Chevrolet push 36 inch tires good?

That depends on the gear ratio in the rear ends, not the engine. To make the truck have POWER with those big tires you need at least a 4.10 gear in the rear ends.

Are 1977 and 1979 trans am parts interchangable front end and rear tail lights?

The front fascias will interchange. The rear ends won't.

Should your truck be warmed up before greasing the rearend?

No, It does not matter on the rear ends.

Why fireflies light up their rear ends?

so they can see at night - hope this helps