How did Britain and France respond to hitlers demands for control over part of Czechoslovakia?

The part of Czechoslovakia that Hitler wanted to control was the Sudetenland. Britain's Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, managed to convince the Czech President, Benes to allow the Sudetenland to become a self-governed state, after Hitler threatened the Powers with war. Hitler then produced a new set of demands, including having the Sudetenland become under the control of the German Reich (or empire).

When Benes refused, Chamberlain met with Hitler, Daladier (leader of france) and Mussolini (leader of Italy) in a final attempt to keep the peace. no czech representatives were invited. Czechoslovakia was then forced to hand over the Sudetenland, and a commission was set up to decide precisely which territory would be handed over.

The meeting was called the Munich Conference (29th September 1938).