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How did Britain treat Australia and its people?

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Australia was originally used as a penal colony by the british. If a court determined that a crime committed was not worth the death penalty, by would entail a lengthy incarseration, an option was to send them to Australia, and let them go, and the prisoner would have to find a way to survive.

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How are the indigenous people of Australia treated?

how did the explores people treat the indigenous people

Why did Britain want a new colony in Australia?

Cause Australia has black people

When did Britain invade Australia?

Britain did not invade Australia, Britain colonised and settled Australia.

Why did Australia take over Britain?

Australia did not take over Britain. Britain actually took over Australia originally and formed colonies on that continent. Later, the Australian people moved away from British rule.

Was Australia an ally to Great Britain?

Easy answer, Yes. Australia and Britain were/are allies as Britain was once seen as a "Mother Country" and promised to always help Australia if they were ever introuble, as did Australia for Britain.

Who were the people in the early European settlements?

Most of the people that came to Australia were from Britain and came to escape the poverty and inequality that was a halmark of life in Britain.

How and why did Australia lose Britain as an ally?

Australia has not lost Britain as an ally.

What is the season in Australia when it is autumn in Britain?

When it is Autumn in Britain it is Spring in Australia.

The people in Australia have the closest historic relationship with who?

The settled people in Australia have the closest historic relationship to Britain. The indigenous population, New Zealand.

When did Britain take over Australia?

The Britain took over Australia in 1770.

Were Britain a loyal ally to Australia?

No . . . Australia is a loyal ally to Great Britain.

Why did Australia serve Britain in World War 2?

Australia is a colony of Britain.

When Great Britain colonized Australia who were the first people sent?

The first people sent to colonise Australia were convicts and the officers and marines sent to supervise them.

Who was Britain?

The people living in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wals, Australia and Newzeland

Why are the people of Nunavut as well as the people of Australia loyal to Queen Elizabeth of great Britain?

Because Queen Elisabeth II is Queen of Great Britain and Queen of the Commonwealth countries, which include Australia and Nanavut among others.

Did people move to Australia in 1788 and 1850 against their will?

Yes, at this time Australia was a British penal colony. Britain shipped convicts/criminals to Australia.

When was Britain-Australia Society created?

Britain-Australia Society was created in 1971.

Is Britain in Australia?


Who did Great Britain use to claim Australia?

James Cook claimed Australia for Great Britain.

What year did Britain start colonising Australia?

Britain started colonising the continent of Australia in 1788.

Did the platypus get shipped from Britain to Australia?

No. The platypus is native to Australia. There have never been platypuses in Britain.

Did Britain treat Canada fairly?

Ha! No way! They took it out of greed. Took advantage of the few people there.

What country settled Australia?

Britain colonised Australia.

What group of people was brought from great Britain to live in Australia?

Convicts, vagabonds.. but primarily convicts, as Australia was originally used as a penal colony.

Why did Australia support Britain in World War 2?

because Australia loved following Britain around

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