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How did Christopher Columbus discover America?

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He didn't. The vikings sailed there almost 500 years earlier.
He did not plan on finding land he was trying to reach the indies/India for money. And he found. Trying to go past the world in a different way that most people would not try.
America was not found by Columbus. Columbus stumbled across the Western Hemisphere in 1492.

America was founded by a group of gentlemen we refer to as the founding fathers.

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Did Christopher Columbus dicover America?

Christopher Columbus did not discover America in 1492. America was discovered by the natives.

Where did Christopher Columbus discover?


Did Christopher Columbus discover both north and south America?

No Christopher Columbus

Where did Columbus land and what did he discover?

Christopher Columbus landed in America and he discovered America

What country did Christopher Columbus sail from to discover America?

Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain

Did Christopher Columbus or John Cabot discover America?

I am 100% sure Christopher Columbus did!

Where did Christopher Columbus discover America?

the sea

Did christopher columbus discover south america?


Was Christopher Columbus worthy?

he discover America

Where did Christopher Columbus discover ''America''?

Columbus discovered America by landing on islands in the Caribbean.

Who was the second person to discover America?

Christopher Columbus was the second person to discover America.

When did Christopher columbos discover America?

Christopher Columbus discovered America in the year 1492

Who were the second people to discover America?

Christopher Columbus because the Native Americans were in America first and Christopher Columbus was there second. He did not discover America because Native Americans were already there.

When did christopher Columbus discover north America?

In 1492

Did a black discover America?

no. Christopher Columbus was not black.

Which year did christopher Columbus discover America?


What was christopher Columbus favorite country to discover?


What year did christopher Columbus discover the America?


When did Chrristopher Columbus discover America?

When did Christopher Colombus first discover America? i have no idea :P

Was Columbus the first one to discover America?

no native Americans discover America because when christopher Columbus got there there were native Americans.

Did Christopher Columbus discover other places except America?

apart from America Christopher Coloumbs also discover China and India!!!

Did Leif Ericson discover America before or after christopher Columbus?

Before Columbus.

What year christopher columbus discover america?

He didn't discover it. But he sailed there in 1492.

On what voyage did Christopher Columbus discover America?

on the third one

What did christopher columbus discover besides america?

San Salvatore