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it didn't affect it politically

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Q: How did D-Day affect World War 2 politically?
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How did world war 2 affect people politically?

because their cheesey

How did the Vietnam war affect the US politically?


How did Japan change politically after World War?

Japan changed politically after World War sense given that the country was completely destroyed in the aftermath of Hiroshima and its resources were exhausted by the war.

How did the Persian Gulf war affect the US politically?

It showed that Britain and the USA are leading the coalition and the world and an evidence of that is that after the gulf war in a year the soviet union collapsed

How did world war 1 affect society politically?

people were disagreeing with one another because all of the countries had just been in a huge war we didnt know who to really trust anymore.

What was Germany like politically after World War I?

they were devestated and had a loss of face after world war 1. politically they had many restrictions as the terms of the Versailles treaty were very harsh. this began the rise of Hitler.

How did the battle at Fort Sumter affect the nation economically and politically?

well it did not really affect the nation economically but it started the Civil War

How did the US emerge from World War 1?

politically strong and prosperous

What was incompatible politically and economically after world war 2?

Colonialism and Communism

How did war affect each country in World War 1?

The war affected all the six main players of world war one (UK, France, Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary) by affecting them socially, politically, economically and militarily. As a matter of fact, Germany suffered the greatest loss.

How did World War 2 affect religion?

How did world war 2 affect religion

How did World War 2 affect music?

how world war 2 affect music

World war 1 which country was the us tied to politically and economically?


How did southwest Asia change politically following World War 1?

Its The movement

How was Canada affected economically politically and socially by it's involvement in World War 1?

Socially, Canada became a more united nation because of its involvement in World War I. The war but the country in a 2 billion dollar debt and divided the country politically.

How did world war affect World War 2?


How did World War 2 affect the USeconomy?

How did World War ll Affect th U.S ecconony?

How did world war 2 affect civilians and soldiers?

how did world war 2 affect the civilians and the soldiers

Was Belgium politically controlled by the soviet union before World War 2?


Why was the war of 1812 politically divisive?

Because the US denounced the Soviet Union and nuclear world war III followed

Communisms affect on the world after World War 2?

The cold war.

How does war affect oil around the world?

world war 2

โ€œ Which of these technological developments did not affect the world economies during World War โ€œ?

Atomic bombs

Which of these technological developments did not affect the world economies during World War I?

atomic bombs

How did japan change politically after world war ii?

a new constitution enacted democratic REFORMS