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not sure exactly but my guess would be it reknewed the faith of some of the Jews still surviving, they realized now that there was a least some glimmer of hope.

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Q: How did D Day affect Jews in Germany?
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Why was d-day planned to free the Jews?

D-Day was about defeating Germany. It was not 'planned to free the Jews'. Freeing the Jews didn't figure anywhere in Allied war aims.

Did D-Day affect WWll at all?

Absolutely. D day paved the way for the defeat of Germany and Japan.

How were The Jewish affected by D day?

As a military operation, D Day in 1944 marked the united offensive against Germany by the Allies. For Jews, it marked the turning point of the war, and the eventual liberation of the concentration camps in which 6 million Jews were murdered.

What happened to the Jews on D-Day?

On D-Day the lives and deaths of Jews continued as before. No doubt it gave hope to some, but D-Day itself did not bring an end to the Holocaust.

When did Germany surrender on d-day?

Germany did not surrender on D-Day, they fought until they were killed or pushed back

Did Germany surrender on D-Day?

No. D-Day is when the invasion at Normandy started. The day Germany surrendered is referred to as VE (Victory in Europe) day.

What did the Germany do on d day?


What was the consequences of d-day?

The consequence of D-Day was the eventual defeat of Germany.

Why did Germany surrender in Europe in d-day in WW2?

You are mistaken, Germany surrendered almost a year after D-Day. The D-Day invasion was the precursor to the vanquishing of the German armies.

Who did D-Day affect?

the Japanese

Was the invasion of Germany part of the D-Day invasion?

No the D-Day operation was the Allied landings at the beaches of Normandy in France, not an invasion of Germany.

How did D-Day-Normandy affect World War 2?

It kept the fast rolling Russians (Soviets) from taking over all of Germany.

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