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How did Germany lose Russia as an ally and how does this affect the German war plans?


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Germany failed to renew their treaty or promise they made with Russia in 18 something or other. therefore Russia was free to ally with the Allied forces(countries lke England, France, etc.)


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France and Britain did not to declare war on Russia when they invaded Poland because at the time of that invasion Russia was allied with the Nazis. They had become allied with the Germans earlier in hopes of keeping the Germans out of Russia for a while. Josef Stalin had a spy network that had informed him Germany had plans to invade Russia. Stalin joined Hitler as an ally and they agreed not to attack one anther's country. When the Brits and French declared war on Nazi Germany their war declaration also included the German allies. (Japanese, Italians and Russians at that time)

Stalin wanted Russia to industrialize to the same level as Britain and Germany so that they would be equal in a war.

the German plans to invade France through belgium and overwhelm them before russia mobilized on the eastern front (used in world war one)

The book was titled, Mein Kamp. It was a book written by Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, outlining his political ideology and future plans for Germany.

1. If anything, Germany would not have wanted Japan to attack the United States; Germany wanted Japan to attack the SOVIET UNION (Russia); to relieve pressure on the German Army's Russian Front. 2. By all accounts, Germany was taken by surprise by the Japanese attack on the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor. 3. Japan had it's own plans for the Pacific and Asia. Germany had it's own plans for Europe. If they both could "link-up" via the Suez Canal (Japan was moving towards India, Germany was fighting for control of the N. Africa); then other plans for world conquest could have been drawn up.

Russia does have plans for joining the European Union, just not in the near future. Russia plans to first join NATO and look to joining the European Union after that.

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Russia became industrialized during the 1930s when Joseph Stalin instituted a series of what he called Five Year Plans. The plans were designed to rapidly increase the industrial capacity of the Soviet Union and change it from an agrarian economy to an industrial one. The plans succeeded and Russia did become an industrialized nation. Prior to the Five Year Plans, Russia had mostly a peasant farming economy.

First Japan attacked at Pearl Harbor. Since Japan was allies with Germany, Germany declared war on the US. No. The US declared war on Japan the day after the Pearl Harbor attack. Germany and Italy declared war on the US two days after that. FDR and Churchill agreed on the policy of "Germany first" since Germany was seen as the most formidible. To answer the question, Germany wasn't able to do much as the US was out of their striking range, but German subs sank many US merchant ships. A German sub transported eight German saboteurs to the US, but that plot failed. There were German plans to bomb New York City but these were not realized.

Ausria Hungary did not have a battle plan in ww1, the only counties with battle plans were Russia, France and Germany.

It's not guaranteed that a spouse can obtain German citizenship; to be sure you fulfill all the requirements and in the right order, you need to go see an immigration lawyer IN GERMANY who can help you make plans to do things right. There will be a residency requirement, a German language requirement, and a German history/culture/politics requirement, among other things.

Germany didnt lose the alliance....Germany had a non agression pact signed with russia which meant that russia wasnt allowed to attack Germany and vice-versa. But sure enough Hitler had alredy planned to invade russia and in a surprise attack Hitler broke the treaty and invaded. It affected their plans by Germany having to use much of its manpower on russia instead of on the other allies.....and it also lead to the defeat of the Nazis and in 1945, the Soviet Union took Berlin itself.AnswerNazi Germany never had any intention of abiding by any alliance with Soviet Russia. The initial agreements between the two countries were only entered into by Germany for convenience. Hitler intended all along to spread eastward into Russian-held territories. However, he initially had to defeat his enemies in the West... France and Great Britain. Once this was completed, Hitler meant to invade Soviet Russia. Soviet Russia provided raw materials and oil to Germany almost right up to the point in 1941 when Germany crossed the borders and invaded Russian territory. Unfortunately for Hitler and Nazi Germany, they hadn't secured their western front nor their weakend southern exposure before starting the war with Soviet Russia. The result was the Hitler's forces were trapped into fighting a multi-front war.Eventually, the Allies were able to battle their way through Europe from the west and south pushing the Nazis ever backward toward their German homeland. The Soviet Russians overcame the Nazis on the eastern front and eventually pushed them back also. In May of 1945, all collapsed for Nazi Germany. The war in the European theater was over.

The outcome of the battle of Britain was that Germany stopped fighting because they didn't have enough flying combat. German losses were so high that they abandoned their invasion plans.

Emperor Hirohito immediate plans were conquering Asia & parts of the Pacific. Just as Hitlers immediate plans were conquering Europe...then RUSSIA.

The ONLY physical contact, on a general basis, between German and Japanese military personnel in the performance of their COMBAT duties, was in the "Indian Ocean" between German U-Boats & Japanese I-Boats. German and Japanese Submarines physically made contact with each other in this particular ocean and exchanged information & supplies. Germany did want Japan to open a second front on the Soviet Union (Russia), to relieve pressure on Germany's Russian Front in 1941, but Japan had no plans to fight Russia (Soviet Union); as they had already fought them twice (1904, 1905, and 1939) and had no desire to fight them again.

Germany went into debt after losing WWI, which caused much resentment with the German people. So, out of utter hopelessness, German citizens elected Hitler as chancellor hoping that he'd restore the economy. Unfortunately, he had other plans for Germany and declared war on basically every European country.

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was essentially a non-aggression and border agreement with the then Soviet Union. It was signed pror to Germany's invasion of Poland, and remained in force up until Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa (the invasion of Russia) on June 22, 1941. In hindsight, it is clear the pact was purely a ruse by Germany to keep the Soviets from interfering in the Reich's war plans until such time as Hitler decided to invade Russia.

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