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Well, he didn't 'actively' help the Allies win, but when people say that Hitler was his own worst enemy, they have a point. You have to remember that people like Hitler have instaiable appetites for power, there simply is no limit to their desire to conquer. Hitler's decisions after Germany's triumph in the Battle of France are questionable, ie. invading the Soviet Union before concluding a peace with Greeat Britain. Strategically this led to a two front war which Germany always sought to avoid. Furthermore, Hitler's meddling often proved disatrous, his 'no retreat' policy deprived the German Army of what was ostensibly its greatest asset (mobile warfare and tactical flexibility).

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Q: How did Hitler help the Allies win World War 2?
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Who was the dictator who collabarted with the allies in world war 2?


What is the Allies and Axis in World War 2?

It is when Hitler started taking over countries, the axis were the people Hitler made join him, and the Allies were people that were tired of him and joined up together to help take him down.

What are 5 events that led to world war 2?

Pearl harbor. Hitler killing jews. Invasion of poland. America is allies with france. America had to help allies.

What group defeated Hitler in 1945?

The World War 2 Allies

Why did war World War 2 start?

The Second World War started because Adolf Hitler had promised not to invade Poland but Hitler did. Therefore the Allies declared war on the Nazis.

What started the world war?

World War ll was started by Adolf Hitler. Appointed chancellor of Germany in 1932. Germany had lost World War l , and Hitler, as a soldier, was awarded a medal for bravery in World War l. He promised to bring Germany out of its depression. He invaded many countries, for living space, as he called it. The allies did not fight Hitler when he invaded. In fact the allies even signed a contract letting Germany take Austria and make it a part of Germany! But the more the allies gave, the greedier Hitler became. But when Hitler Massed his army near the border of Poland the allies warned an invasion there would lead them to declare war. Hitler, Ignoring the allies' warning invaded Poland. That was how World War ll started. - The End

When and how should the Allies stop Hitler before the World War 2?

kill him

Was Hungary an ally of Hitler in World War 2?

one of the main allies

Was Japan and Hitler allies?

Yes they were allies, Hitler declared war on the u.s. because u.s. declared war on japan

Was Hitler allies or axis in World War 2?

He was Germany's leader, therefore Axis.

How did war world two end?

Germany Surrendered to the Allies, Hitler killed himself.

When did Russia join the allies in World War 2?

1941, after Hitler invaded Russia.

What French city did Hitler not attack when the allies were there early in World War 2?

Paris .

Why Religious Reason the US was in World War 2?

Because the united states of America are brave and needed to help our allies win this war or Hitler, Hirohito, and Mussiloni would gain too much power over our allies.

Who allied with hitler in World War 2?

Italy and Japan both became allies with Hitler's Germany in World War 2

How were the countries involved in world war 2 grouped?

Axis, Allies and Philippine rebels. Russia joined the Allies when Hitler invaded.

What were the allies that fought against Hitler?

The main allies of Hitler in the war from other countries were members of the Axis Powers during the second world war. These members mainly included Japan and Italy. Hitler did have other allies from other countries which helped in his assistance during the war including Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Thailand. He did have other client states which did provide some assistance to Hitler during the war.

How did Adolf Hitler cause World War 2?

Hitler caused world war 2 because he launched a full scale attack on Poland which forced the allies to counterattack of the Nazi forces.

When did Hitler get married before or after World War 2?

Hitler never married his girlfriend, Eva Braun. Neither of them lived after World War II, as they committed suicide in Berlin before the Allies got to him.

How did the end of World War I actually help start World War 2?

Hitler survived world war 1.

Which event in World War 2 was most significant in causing victory for the allies?

When Hitler committed suicide.

Did Pennsylvania help the allies in world war 1?

Seeing as Pennsylvania is part of the United States and the United States fought for the Allies in World War I, yes.

Did Hitler have Extraterrestrial help in World War 2?

No. He lost.

Did the Palestinians help Hitler in World War 2?

No involvement

How did the resolution of World War I impact on the start of World war 2?

The Allies treated Germany very harshly with the treaty. After World War 1 Germany was in economical crisis. If the Allies would have helped Germany after the war maybe Adolf Hitler would never have a reason to start World War 2