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How did Hitler lose to Russia?

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By the time German troops made it to Stalingrad there were a large number of Russian troops assembled. Added to that the freezing temperatures of winter as well as the shortage of food and the fact that the Germans were surrounded and had no way to get supplies contributed to the Russian victory.


The key factor in the German defeat to Russia was not that of "General Winter" as the Russian felt the freezing temperatures just as much as the Germans but it was the fact that Germany had not committed itself to "total war". Hitler had based his foreign wars on his "blitzkrieg" ideas, he had envisioned an easy 6 week campaign in Russia and saw no point to adjust the economy in preparation for a long war, in fact it was not until 1944, when Germany was obviously losing the war that the munitions production of Germany peaked. Hitler was astonished in 1941 to find that he had only 800 more tanks to invade Russia than he had invaded France with. (3300 compared with Russia�s 20,000). Germany�s output should have been comparable to that of a superpower but it did not reach this level until 1944, production of artillery pieces actually surpassed that of the economic giant the USA and was rivalling the USSR but of course by 1944 it was too late for Germany to win the war. Russia did not win the war, Germany very much lost it.

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Did Hitler lose the attack on russia?


When did Hitler attack Russia?

Hitler attacked Russia in 1941.

Why did Hitler lose to the USSR?

Hitler and the Nazis lost to the USSR, was the result that Germany lost The Battle of Stalingrad. Germany's goal was to conquer Russia before winter

Was Russia siding with Hitler or the Allies?

Russia was more with the Allies because Hitler captured Russia Russia sided with both sides

How old was Adolf Hitler when he became leader of Russia?

Hitler was never the leader of Russia.

What year did Hitler take over Russia?

Hitler invaded Russia in 1941 in what was known as Operation Barbarossa, but this invasion was never successful and Hitler never managed to take over Russia.

What month did Hitler attack Russia?

Hitler attacked Russia on June 22nd 1941, the attack was called Operation Barbarossa.

When did Hitler lose his leg?

Hitler never lost his leg.

Did Hitler invaded the Soviet Union?

Yes. In WW2, Hitler broke the Nazi-Soviet pact by invading Russia in the "Invasion of Russia".

How did Adolf Hitler lose the war?

lot of reasons...just 1 would be that he underestimated the power and winters russia had and attacked them after agreeing he wouldnt. then he refused to retreat after it was obvious he'd lose and his troops were heavily decimated...

Was Hitler a dictator of Russia?

Adolf Hitler was the Nazi dictator of Germany. Josef Stalin was the Communist dictator of the Soviet Union (that includes Russia).

Did russia capture Hitler?

no but they did reclaim his remains

What did Hitler refer to Russia as?


Did Hitler succeed Lenin in Russia?


Was Stalin allied with Hitler?

Stalin was allied with the allies and not Hitler. Germany and Russia had a non aggression pact until Germany invaded Russia. After that they were enemies.

Why didn't Hitler invade Russia?

Hitler did invade the USSR on 22 June 1941.

Did Hitler lose soldiers while invading Russia?

yes he did because Hitler sent men to Russia when it was absolutley cold with just about basic clothes and no sensible clothing for the weather, which then lead to mass deaths on the German side because of the cold. This then lead to less men on Hitlers side, which then the Russians took control and advanced.

When did Russia join the allies in World War 2?

1941, after Hitler invaded Russia.

Did Hitler control Russia?

He siezed controll of Belo-Russia. That is the western-most portion.

What was the zone between France and Russia that Hitler invaded?

France and Russia do not share a border.

Who did Hitler lose elections to?

Paul Von Hindenburg, Hitler lost though

Napoleon Bonaparte Invading Russia Hitler-before Hitler?

There is only one Napoleon and there is only one Hitler.

Why did Napoleon lose when he invaded Russia?

For the same reason Hitler lost when he invaded Russia. General Winter made it very difficult to maintain movement and supply lines across the vast expanses of the Russian countryside. In a nut shell, it was cold.

Why did Hitler decide to invade russia?

because he could

Why did Hitler want russia?

Because he was encouraged by his successes.