How did Hitler lose to Russia?

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By the time German troops made it to Stalingrad there were a large number of Russian troops assembled. Added to that the freezing temperatures of winter as well as the shortage of food and the fact that the Germans were surrounded and had no way to get supplies contributed to the Russian victory.


The key factor in the German defeat to Russia was not that of "General Winter" as the Russian felt the freezing temperatures just as much as the Germans but it was the fact that Germany had not committed itself to "total war". Hitler had based his foreign wars on his "blitzkrieg" ideas, he had envisioned an easy 6 week campaign in Russia and saw no point to adjust the economy in preparation for a long war, in fact it was not until 1944, when Germany was obviously losing the war that the munitions production of Germany peaked. Hitler was astonished in 1941 to find that he had only 800 more tanks to invade Russia than he had invaded France with. (3300 compared with Russia�s 20,000). Germany�s output should have been comparable to that of a superpower but it did not reach this level until 1944, production of artillery pieces actually surpassed that of the economic giant the USA and was rivalling the USSR but of course by 1944 it was too late for Germany to win the war. Russia did not win the war, Germany very much lost it.

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Q: How did Hitler lose to Russia?
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