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the Germans where going trhu a bad time no food, water shelter and jobs so Hitler saw it was a perfect time to tell them he would take care of all their needs but they had to work for him. so the most part they joined him and the ones who didn't got killed.

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What is a nazi in World War 2?

Nazi is a type of government (Hitler was a Nazi) and they had their own soldiers (Hitler's soldiers).

Facts about nazi soldiers?

who is adolf hitler

What percent of Nazi soldiers fought for Hitler?

They all fought for Hitler and their homeland.

How did the Nazi party recruit their soldiers?

Partly from volunteers but mainly by conscription (compulsory military service).

Did Hitler capture Jews himself?

No. His Nazi soldiers did the dirty work for him.

How do the acts committed by nazi soldiers and Hitler compare to modern gang activity?

Nazi soldiers were tools of the state modern gangs are fighting against the state.

Why did Hitler find it difficult to recruit new members to his party?

He didn't. Eventually most of Germany belonged the the Nazi Party.

Is a Nazi a German soldier?

Nazi is short for National Socialist Party. If you belonged to Hitler's political party, you were a Nazi. Not all German soldiers and quite frankly most were not members of the party. But, they did have to swear an allegiance to Hitler. You can say they were Nazi soldiers but not all German soldiers were Officially members of the party.

What did you call young nazi soldiers?

You may be thinking of the Hitler Youth, but very few of them fought as soldiers before reaching military age.

What was the main bad thing that Adolf Hitler did?

Ordered Nazi soldiers to kill millions of innocent people.

What was hitler nazi or jewish?

Hitler was a Nazi. He killed Jews.

Was Hitler a Nazi?

Yes, Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party

Who did the Nazi party recruit?


What made the Nazi believe in Hitler?

The Nazis were soldiers that was formed by Hitler. The German people put their faith in Hitler because he promised to get rid of the communist government they were living under at the time.

How did Hitler create the Nazi party?

Hitler was not the founder of the Nazi Party.

Was Hitler a leader of the Nazi Party?

Hitler started the nazi party

How did Hitler use jokes against the Jews?

To offend them, possibly causing emotional harm and laughter to Nazi soldiers.

Who was the hilter youth?

The Hitler Youth was the soldiers in the SS who were not yet over the age of 18___They were a kind of Nazi party equivalent to the boy scouts. They were not 'soldiers in the SS'.

Was Hitler the Nazi party's leader?

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi-Party.

When did Hitler become a knazi?

Hitler didn't become a Nazi he founded the Nazi party.

What roles did Hitler have in the Nazi Party?

Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party from 1921-1945.

Who was the evil Nazi?

The evil Nazis were soldiers of Adolf Hitler who were there to mainly catch the Jews and send and guard them on the way to the gas chamber.

What group did Adolf Hitler belong in?

Adolf Hitler belonged to the Nazi Party. He was the leader of the Nazi Party.

When did Hitler make the Nazi army?

Adolf Hitler didn't start the Nazi army, Anton Drexler founded it in 1920. However, Hitler was in control of the Nazi army for the next 24 years.

How was the Hitler youth important to the Third Reich?

The Hitler youth was important to the third riech because, the people in the hitler youth would be future Nazi SS soldiers,so it was important to train them to be benefitial to germany during the war

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