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Hitler wanted Europe to be a whole German Empire with him as the leader. He wanted more of what he called Labensram (living space) for Germany hence why he invaded Poland, checzsolvakia ect. Hitler wanted a pure aryan race prefable blond haired and blue eyed but the main aspect was to have pure german blood or pure blood from the nation your from. He wanted to get rid of jews, gypsyes, homosexuals, political opositin, criminals, negros and Jehovnahs witnesses. Hitler wanted and pure german empire run be him and everybody to look up to him.

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Why did Hitler want to join with Australia?

Hitler did not want to join with Australia. he had no interest in the South Pacific, but was intent on conquering Europe.

What did Hitler want all his people to look like?

Hitler wanted his people to be of Aryan race, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

What was the ideal German like according to Hitler?

Blonde stupid hair that made you look like an idioit. So dont look like an idiot, do you want to be hitler, didn't think so HATER! Haters be Haten

Why did Hitler want to conquer Britain?

He wanted to conquer all of Europe

What did Hitler want to do with Britain?

Hitler wanted to take over as much as Europe as he could. but he wasnt ganna get Britain!!!! xxx

Why Adolf Hitler want to invade Europe?

Adolf Hitler wanted to invade Europe so that essentially he could take over the world. Once Europe is completely controlled by him he could move out in all directions to conquer the globe.

Why did Hitler want German to look similar?

Hitler wanted to create what he felt was the "perfect human race"

Why did the killing of the holocaust all start?

because hitler want to kill jews. this was so because, hitler had a ideal of a non jewish europe

How are Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte related?

historically they are not the same why you ask? because Hitler wanted to take over Europe while Napoleon wanted a unified Europe (want Europe is today) no one said yes so he decided that he would have to take over Europe

Why did Hitler want Jews in Germany?

It looks like there's a word missing in the question. Hitler certainly did not want Jews in Germany.

Why did Britain and France decide to appease Hitler?

Because they did not want another world war. WO I devastated Europe, and they believed they could prevent one by appeasing Hitler.

Why did Hitler want the pact with Russia?

so he could invade western Europe without fear of invasion from the east

Why did Hitler want to kill gypsies?

There was - and still is - a lot of prejudice against gypsies in Europe. In parts of the Balkans they used to be slaves ... Hitler hated all the traditional "outsider" groups.

What did Hitler want from Europe?

Power, not as in electricity. He was obsessed with 'reuniting Germany' which meant taking over every nearby country.

Why did Hitler not want Jews in the 'lebensraum'?

Lebensraum is just German for "living space." And if you look back in history, Hitler did not want Jews anywhere. But not just Jews... blacks, catholics, etc.

Why did Hitler want more?

more, more, more how do you like it ,how do you like it , more, more more

Why Hitler want Sweden to remain free?

because he felt like it because he felt like it

Why did Hitler want everyone to look a certain way?

because he is not beatiful and he's the devils cusin

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Why would you want to be like Ciara? Just be you... that's what she does, she is herself all the time. That's like me saying that i want to look like Nicki Minaj. I don't want to look like her, i want to look like me. Just be you and be real!!!!!

Why did Hitler want Catholics eliminated?

Hitler did not want to eliminate Catholics.

What did Hitler want to do during World War 2?

Because he want to kill another people like you :)) .

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Did Hitler make the Jews go naked and then persecute them?

Yes, while the Jews were in ghettoes they were all naked. They were because Hitler did not want the German people to feel sorry for them so he made they look like they were not human by covering them in mud and not feeding them.

What does the baby want to look like?

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