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how did Islam spread in Africa

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Islam did not spread the same way throughout all of Africa. In North Africa, Islam spread by conquest. In West Africa and along the Indian Ocean, Islam spread by contact between Muslim merchants and local Non-Muslims.

Islam ideas were spread from Africa to Europe. And Christianity ideas were spread from Europe to Africa.

Arab traders were responsible for the spread of Islam.

What religion spread from North Africa to west Africa

The universal message of Islam appealed to the poor people of west Africa. The Muslim traders also helped in spreading Islam in Africa. The Muslim armies entering west Africa also helped the spread of Islam,

The Muslim Arabs conquered and occupied cities of North Africa. They conquer the Berbers, and Islam eventually replaced Christianity. Muslim traders finally spread Islam to Western Africa

Islam was slow to spread in East Africa due to the physical barriers that separated the traders. Islam was mainly spread through trade and they hardly interacted with the east African region.

The spread of Islam in the East, West, and South Africa was a gradual process. The spread of Islam helped with trade practices, education, and literacy.

Spread of Islam was not hindered in east africa, it reached as far as Zambia, Mozambique and further south to Rwanda

it spread across the Sahara trrade routes.

Islam began to spread in Africa in the seventh century, the same century in which Quran revelation by God to Prophet Muhammad started.

No. The exact opposite occurred. Islam originated in the Middle East and spread to West Africa in the subsequent centuries.

The Spread of Islam traveled on the Silk road from the starting point of Africa.

Islam was the religion that spread from the Arabian Peninsula to Africa.

Islam is slow to spread to East Africa because of the other religions mainly christianity in the area. Also it is slow because of the lack of education and geography in East Africa.

Islam was spread in West Africa by Arab Traders.

It came from traders who spread it throughout east Africa

Islam spread fairly easily in Mali, as the people practiced Islam with their traditional religions. Islam first reached West Africa through trade.

Islam spread to all corners of the Arab World: North Africa, the Upper Middle East, and Arabia.

Many of them embraced Islam and became very good Muslims.

Mansa Munsa ended up being appointed a deputy while a king was on a pilgrimage which gave him great power to spread islam in Africa.

isalm spread in 56 or 52 countriesIslam spread throughout 3 continents....Africa, Asia and EuropeAfter the death of Muhammad Islam conquered new territories thus spreading the religion also

Islam was adopted mainly by Arabs. Arabs conquered lands and formed empires, in which they also spread Islam by doing so.

It spread through simply trade and conquest.