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How did Japan feel when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima?


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September 13, 2011 6:01AM

Totally defeated

There is a story of a girl named Sadako and the thousand cranes. This book is a true story about a girl who was two when the atom bomb was dropped. The bomb didn't hurt her at the time but later in life it did. At the age of twelve she died from Leukaemia a disease from the atom bomb. The thing is she believed in good luck charms and there is a story about if a sick person folds a thousand paper cranes the spirits of the dead will save them. She began folding paper cranes but only got to 644 before she died.

I disagree with the answer above I think the Japanese where feeling so angry It gave them streghth. Sadako's hope showed that they didn't say they were all gong to die they belived that they could keep there live going and if they thought that they were defeted they knew that some of them were not effected by the bomb they were still loveing one another and love can councer anything and anyone and they knew the U S should feel sorry and the were not going to give up they would forget about and try to carry on.

I agree with all answers Ive read Sadako It was realy good