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How did Japan rise to power during the Great Depression?

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Like the United States, the Japanese sought to build their way out of the depression through government programs. In Japan a great deal of this was directed at developing the Japanese Military. The Japanese felt that the path to long term economic stability lay in forcibly uniting the nations of East Asia.

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Who was the president in power during the Great Depression?

Herbert Hoover was President when the Great Depression began. Franklin Roosevelt was President when the Depression ended.

Who had power in the US during the great depression?

Herbert Hoover was president.

Is balance of power and alliances relate to Great Depression during world war 2?

The great depression of the 1930's influenced the power and alliances of the nations involved in WW2.

How did the power of government change during the civil war and great depression?

Presidential powers were expanded

How did the Great depression affect political life in Germany and japan?

The Depression had profound political effect. In countries such as Germany and Japan, reaction to the Depression brought about the rise to power of militarist governments who adopted the aggressive foreign policies that led to Second World War.

What political party lost favor during the Civil war but returned to power during the great depression?

Democratic Party

What was the pump priming during Roosevelt?

Using government spending to increase purchasing power and stimulate the economy during the Great Depression.

Was Japan severely affected by the Great Depression?

The Great Depression had not affected Japan as severely as it had other nations. In the late 1930s, she began to flex her muscles. The war with China in 1937 was just the beginning. Japan's military leader, General Hedeki Tojo, along with some other leaders, wanted to prove Japan was a world power.

How did the Democratic Party maintain power in the 1930's?

By providing economic relief during the great depression.

How did European dictators take advantage of the Great Depression to gain power?

They promised to bring them out of the Great Depression.

Would the Nazis have gained power without the Great Depression?

The consensus among historians is that without the Great Depression the Nazis would not have come to power.

What two things were instrumental in causing many farms to fail during the onset of the Great Depression?

Overproduction is one thing that caused many farms to fail during the Great Depression. Another thing that caused them to fail was the concept of power farming, which was not needed.

When did Adolf Hitler take power of Germany?

January but i don't know the date i think it was in 1932 during out Great Depression

Did the great depression give Hitler power?

not the US depression but the one in Germany was a major factor

What was a mission as it applies to the great depression?

For the economy to regain its power.

What was the issue that brought the Democrats to power in 1932?

The great depression brought the democrats to power

What dictator came to power at the beginning of the Great Depression?

Bill Cosby

Why did the great depression help extremist leaders gain power in many nations during the 1930?

Because of unemployed young men who were disaffected with their political leaders.

Was Great Britain an Axis power?

No, the axis consisted of Italy, Japan and Germany. Great Britain was an Allied power

Why was America isolation when Hitler was rising up to power?

Because of the Great Depression.

How did Hitler deal with the Great Depression?

AnswerHitler was in the leader of Germany at the time of the Great Depression. He came to power in 1933 as Chancellor and had no involvement in the formulation of policy in Germany until this point. The Depression was what led to the failure of Weimar Germany, and thus the rise to power of Hitler and the NSDAP (Nazi party).

What was the name of the power plant that was damaged in japan during a tsunami?

Fukushima Power Plant

What was the major impact of the Great Depression on American federalism?

The major impact of the Great Depression on American federalism was the crash of the stock markets. This in turn increased the power that the federal government had.

What was the political power in japan during World War 2?

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What are the top causes of the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was caused by a large amount of environmental factors that proved to be to much to handle at the time. The top causes of the Great Depression are: the stock market's crash, World War I, and the changes within the United States's political power.