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The Jewish people in Europe at first didn't believe Hitler would take away their civil rights nor did they expect the "final solution". But from 1933 on, the situation became more and more dire for Jews in Germany. As word spread about what Hitler was doing, some American newspapers wrote about it-- but sadly, most did not. (There are several excellent books and articles about how the major newspapers like the NY Times totally downplayed or even ignored the murder of millions of Jews.) A few non-Jewish reporters, notably Dorothy Thompson and Edward R. Murrow, spoke out, but they were in the minority. America was still struggling with anti-Semitism in the 30s, so much of the coverage of the Nazi takeover was only read in the Jewish (ethnic) newspapers. Also, famous rabbis like Stephen S. Wise spoke out, as did entertainers like Eddie Cantor. Jews in general were horrified by what Hitler was doing and saddened that many in the US government did nothing to help till millions had died.

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Q: How did Jews in the 1930s regard the Nazi party?
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