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Q: How did Nixon justify his secret bombing raids on Cambodia and Laos?
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Why did President Nixon order the secret bombing of the ho chi minh in cambodia?

to reduce the flow of communist supplies

What was the result of Nixon's strategy to bomb North Vietnamese sanctuaries in Cambodia?

That was called "Nixon's secret bombings" or "the secret bombing campaigns", or "the secret Cambodian bombings"; either way you weren't supposed to know about it!

What did US President Nixon do when the New York Times leaked the news about the secret bombing attacks in Cambodia?

President Nixon claimed that the leaks of US bombing attacks in Cambodia would be a continuing threat to US Security. In response to these leaks, Nixon hoped to stop future ones. Secret wiretaps were set on at least 13 members of the National Security Council and on at least four newspaper reporters.

Richard Nixon ordered the bombing of enemy supply routes in Laos and?


What incident caused the American antiwar movement to pick up steam in the 1970s?

When Nixon ordered further bombing of North Vietnam (Mainly Cambodia)

What did secrecy establish in the bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War?

The longer secrecy dominated US actions in the war in Vietnam, the more leeway it seemed to give to the Nixon administration that it had the right to lie about the war. The details of the secret bombing of Cambodia was as follows:1. In the years of 1969-1970, 3600 B-52 bombing raids were conducted over Cambodia;2. The Defense Department falsified the air attack reports it furnished to the Senate Armed Services Committee; and3. The Nixon administration ended the campaign because it believed the bombing was a failure.

Why did President Nixon authorize the bombing of cambodia and laos?

The North Vietnamese were using these countries as supply lines

Why President Nixon ordered the bombing of the ho chi minh trial in cambodia?

to reduce the flow of communist supplies

What term was used to describe the rapid increase in troops used in Vietnam and the expansion of bombing into Cambodia by Nixon?


What were the Secret bombings of Cambodia?

Un-officially, President Nixon used B-52's to bomb Laos & Cambodia. Officially, Nixon bombed North & South Vietnam with B-52s.

Nixon bombing of Cambodia?

For a long time known as the secret war or secret bombing (no one was supposed to know about it). Amongst the targets were the Ho Chi Minh trail and a NVA Armored Regiment (equipped with PT76 Amphibious Light Tanks and possibly T-54/T-55 medium gun tanks) that was known to be operating in Laos/Cambodia; obviously awaiting orders from Hanoi to enter South Vietnam at some point.

Richard M. Nixon responsible for bringing your troops home?

Richard M. Nixon is not responsible for bringing troops home because he continued to escalate the Vietnam War through the secret bombing campaign in Cambodia and Laos. The withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam was later negotiated by Nixon's successor, President Gerald Ford.