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How did Rosalind Franklin contribute to the discovery of DNA structure?

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She and Maurice Wilkins worked together and took some x-rays of DNA. The DNA crystallography allowed Watson and Crick to look at the picture to determine it was a double helix and not a triple helix as Linus Pauling had thought.

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How did rosalind franklin contribute to the discovery od DNA's structure?

She took the X-ray fraction photo of DNA , Which helped Watson & Crick to determine the structure of DNA ( B-DNA ) .

What woman contirbuted to the discovery of the DNA double-helix structure?

Rosalind Franklin

Who conducted the X-ray diffraction studies that were key to the discovery of the structure of DNA?

Rosalind Franklin

How did rosalind Franklin contribute to the discovery of the structure of DNA?

Rosalind Franklin contributed a base for the discovery of the DNA structure by taking some x-ray photos. And carrying out the experiments, however she was not mentioned in 1962 when the noble prize was awarded to James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins, whom stole her photographs and published the solution as their own.The impacts on the society today made by Rosalind Franklin is that she set the base for all discovery on DNA.J.D Bernal said...Were the most beautiful X-ray photographs taken of any substance

Who was the scientist whose work greatly contributed to the discovery of the structure of DNA but was not awarded a Nobel Prize for it?

Rosalind Franklin

What did Rosalind Franklin contribute to the effort to identify the structure of DNA?

x-ray diffraction photos of the DNA molecule

What did Francis Crick do to contribute to DNA?

He did the exact same thing that James Watson did. He used the work of Rosalind Franklin to discover it. He and Crick were given credit not Rosalind Franklin. They found out the structure of DNA (the double helix).

What did Franklin and wilikins contribute to science?

Rosalind Franklin worked with bundles of DNA

What did Rosalind Franklin discover?

the helix structure of DNA

What did Rosalind Franklin do with the structure of DNA?

Maurice Wilkins

What did rosalind Franklin use to make her discovery?

X-ray crystallography

How rosalind Franklin effect us?

rosalind Franklin dicovered DNA and her discovery effects us to because scientist and doctors would not be able to do anything they can today.

Which steps led to the discovery of the DNA structure?

A photo taken by Xray Crystallography by Rosalind Franklin led to the first DNA Structural Diagram by Watson and Crick.

What work did Rosalind Franklin do to investigate the structure of DNA?

rosalind frankin is a pioneer she invented d.n.a e.t.c

What country was rosalind Franklin born in?

Rosalind Franklin was born in London, England on July 25, 1920. She is known for her advances in the study of DNA structure.

How did Rosalind Franklin contribute?

Rosalind Franklin had many contributions in the the structural studies of nucleic acids and viruses by X-ray cristallography.

How did the structure of DNA get discovered?

i don't know how but i know it was discovered by maurice wilkins, francis crick, and James Watson. rosalind Franklin also contributed to the discovery of DNA

What was rosalind franklin's hobbies?

Rosalind Franklin was a biologist who discovered the structure of DNA. Her hobbies were traveling and she was an avid hiker.

How many forms of DNA did Rosalind discover?

The research of Rosalind Elsie Franklin led to the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA. She did not actually discover DNA, but opened the way for others. She died in 1958, four years before the Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to her colleagues Maurice Wilkins, James Watson and Francis Crick for the discovery of the structure of DNA.

How did Rosalind Franklin evidence affect the work of Watson and Crick?

Rosalind Franklin drew a picture of a DNA molecule and it does not like similar to Watson and Crick's DNA diagram. Rosalind Franklin was smarter than them. It was used to determine the physical structure of DNA.

What information did Rosalind Franklin provide toward the structure of DNA?

Rosalind Franklin developed X-ray diffraction images of DNA, which led to the discovery that the DNA molecule is a double helix. She did not win a Nobel Prize when James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins did for determining the structure of DNA, because she had died of cancer and Nobel Prizes are not awarded posthumously.

What did Rosalind Franklin invent?

she did NOT come up with DNA. she discovered the structure of DNA.

What did Rosalind Franklin contribute to the understanding of DNA molecules?

An image indicating the shape of a DNA molecule

Was rosalind Franklin married?

No. Rosalind Franklin was not married and had no kids.

Who is credited with the discovery of DNA?

Francis H.C. Crick and James D. Watson are credited with the discovery of DNA. However they stole the idea from Rosalind Franklin