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Valentine would have done what all priest do: minister to their congregation. Valentine became a patron saint of lovers when the Roman Emperor made it illegal for couples to get married. He needed men for his army and could not draft married men. Valentine continued to marry couples in secret. When the emperor found out, he had valentine thrown into prison. While in jail he became a close friend of the jailer's young daughter. Just before he was executed for his crime, he sent her a letter in which he told her to remain faithful to God. He signed it, "From your Valentine."

He is a saint because he died for doing what was correct. he was a martyr.

2015-06-13 15:06:46
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Q: How did Saint Valentine become a saint?
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Who is the patron saint of Valentine's Day?

February 14 is the feast day of Saint Valentine of Rome.

Was Saint Valentine killed by arrows?

No, Saint Valentine was beheaded.

Where was Saint Valentine working?

Saint Valentine was a priest in Rome.

Which patron saint is Valentine named after?

Saint Valentine of Rome.

Why is Valentine named after Saint Valentine?

The feast day of Saint Valentine of Rome is on February 14. He is considered the patron saint of lovers.

Why does Valentine's Day refer to love from Saint Valentine?

Saint Valentine of Rome is the patron saint of lovers.

Was Saint Valentine a male or a female?

Saint Valentine was a male. He was also a priest.

What century was Saint Valentine from?

Saint Valentine of Rome lived in the third century.

What does Saint Valentine have to do with Valentine's Day?

Valentines day was named after Saint Valentine.

Which town of Italy did Saint Valentine live in?

Saint Valentine of Rome was from Rome.

Who was the next emperor after Saint Valentine?

Saint Valentine was a Catholic priest, not an emperor.

How did Saint Valentine help his wife?

Saint Valentine of Rome was probably not married.

What saint had their head chopped off?

Many saints had their heads removed. Here are a few examples:John the Baptist Saint Paul Saint George Saint Denis Saint Valentine of Rome

What saint Valentine's Day named after?

Saint valentine

Is Saint Valentine a Greek god?

No, he is a Catholic saint.

Was St. Valentine a sinful saint?

If Valentine was a seriously sinful person he would not be a saint.

What is the meaning of saint of love?

"Saint of Love" usually refers to Saint Valentine of Rome.

What is a patron saint of lovers?

Saint Valentine of Rome is considered a patron saint of lovers.

Which saint is Valentine's Day named after?

Saint Valentine of Rome

Why is Saint Valentine considered a saint?

He died as a martyr for Christ.

Is there only one Saint Valentine?

No, there are quite a number of saints named Valentine. However, the best known of these was Saint Valentine of Rome.

What city in Rome was Saint Valentine born?

Rome is the name of the city where Saint Valentine of Rome originated.

Was Saint Valentine rich or poor?

Little is known Saint Valentine so your question cannot be answered.

Who is the patron saint of Valentine Day?

Saint Valentine of Rome whose feast day is on February 14.

Did Saint Valentine have siblings?

There is no biography or tradition that would indicate if Saint Valentine had any brothers or sisters.