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Q: How did Selket treat scorpion stings?
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Was a scorpion used to treat bubonic plague?

Not that i know of unless it was mashed up because scorpions has pincers and venomus stings.

What stings an attacker with paralyzing poison?

A Scorpion stings an attacker with paralyzing poison

How did pioneers treat scorpion stings in the 1800's?

They would thoroughly wash it with soap and water. Also they would put ice on it.

Are scorpion stings acid or alkalis?


In the novella The Pearl what stings Coyotito?

A scorpion.

What is stings finisher move?

The Scorpion DeathlocK

What is Stings's finisher in wrestling?

he has the scorpion death drop and the scorpion death lock

Can a scorpion sting kill a bull?

Yes, but it depends on the scorpion and the size of the animal that it stings.

How many people have died from a scorpion sting?

150 people have died from scorpion stings.

How does a scorpion capture its food?

It waits grabs and stings.

Why does scorpion venom move when the scorpion moves?

Because the venom is in the scorpions tail for use when it stings.

What is the plot of the story The Scorpion and the Frog?

A scorpion convinces a frog to take him across a river. The scorpion stings the frog, and they both drown

How did pioneers cure scorpion stings?

Use Oil and Turmeric

Do scorpion stings swell?

After a few hours they will begin to swell.

How poisonous are New Mexico scorpion stings?

if the scorpion was big then not so bad but if it was small then its very bad

Is Kobe Bryant scorpion?

yes, he is most definatly scorpion king. he stings people he gets mad at, and they get angry.

How do you know if your dog was stung by a scorpion?

you might not. it's kind of hard to tell because scorpion stings are small.

Will you get ill if a scorpion stings you?

You will not get ill... rather u ll die

How does it fell to be stung by a scorpion?

It stings so badly and feels painful

How do you treat blue bottle stings?

dunk the area in alcohol and then cut the stings out :)

What is the sequence of what happens when a scorpion bites someone?

Scorpions do not bite they usually pinch and only sting if they feel threatend. nonlethal scorpion stings are like bee stings. but more venomous species can kill in minuts

Can you die if you get stung by a scorpian?

Yes, this stings of some scorpion species are life-threatening.

How did Selket the Egyptian goddess look?

Serqet/Selket was often shown as a woman with a scorpion on her head, and occasionally as a scorpion with the head of a woman, though this was rare. She was sometimes shown wearing the headdress of Hathor - a solar disk with cow horns - but this was after Isis started to be shown wearing it. (Serqet was closely connected with Isis and her twin sister Nephthys.) By the XXI Dynasty, she was sometimes shown with the head of a lioness, with a protective crocodile at the back of her neck.

Does a scorpion die after it stings?

Scorpions do not die after they sting or bite. When a scorpion pinches you, it doesn't hurt you. When I got stung, the scorpion was too small to see. Often, they don't die unless you kill them.

How did pioneers from the 1850's cure scorpion stings?

by using berries and grasses to make a medicane