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How did WWI change the world?

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by changing peoples points of view

by changing the rights of women

by making countries how they are now

people sacrificing their own lives for us nowadays:')

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What does WWI stand for?

"WWI" is an abbreviation for "World War I."

What is the acronym for World War I?


Was the introduction of airplanes in world war 1 or world war 2?

before WWI, but fighter planes developed in early WWI.

What is World War I?

WWI is short for World War 1.

Why was the tank useful in world war 1?

There were no tanks in WWI. WWI consisted of trench warfare only.

What is the name of World War 1?


Was Theodore roosevelt in world war 1?

He was in WWI

Did the napoleon invasion start World War 1?

No. WWI was started by politics so WWI was more politically complex.

How did th US Foreign Policy change after World War 1?

The U.S. made WWI more peaceful, and so therefore it lost a lot of its violence.

What was the US economy like after World war one?

The US wasnt involved in WWI so it would be the same as it was before WWI

What event ended the progressive era?

American Involvement in WWI American Involvement in WWI

What if there was no World War 1?

If no WWI then there would have been no WWII.

Who is Kaiser in World War I?

Kaiser was the German monarch in WWI

What is the singificance of 1914 in world history?

The beginning ow WWI.

What is the alternate name to world war 1?

WWI is the name.

What trigger World War I?

the great depression triggered WWI

What world war was daylight saving used wideley?


Was Joseph Stalin in World War 1?

No, he did not fight in WWI.

Why was World War 1 so painful?

It was wwi idiot!

Who lead German in World War 1?

I assume you meant who led Germany in WWI... The Kaiser of Germany during WWI was Wilhelm II.

Who was the dictator who collaborated with the Allies to fight against Germany and Italy in World War 1?

Stalin, and it WWII, not WWI. In WWI, Italy was against Germany.

When did World War l start?

WWI began in the August of 1914.

What war was fought to end all wars?

World War I or WWI.

What was the time frame of world war 1?

WWI was 1914-1918

What was the Treaty of Versailles during World War 2?

Nope that was WWI