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in a million ways. rationing, war effort, cities bombarded by all sides, fleeing from location to location, etc..

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Q: How did World War 2 affect civilians around the world?
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How did world war 2 affect civilians and soldiers?

how did world war 2 affect the civilians and the soldiers

How did World War 1 affect the civilians?

18 million Russian civilians alone died in ww1.In all wars,civilians account for huge suffering & losses

How many US civilians were injured in world war 2?

Only around 2,500 US Civilians were either injured r killed in World War 2.

How did Japanese imperialism affect World War 2?

unquestioned discipline of the Japanese soldiers and civilians!

How many soldiers and civilians died during World War 2?

Around 24 Million Soldiers died during World War 2 and around 47 Million Civilians died during World War 2. 12 Million out of 47 Million Civilians were victims of the Holocaust apart from Soviet and other Allied POW's.

How may people died in World War II?

Around 72,000,000 civilians and soldiers were killed during World War II

How does war affect oil around the world?

world war 2

How did the World War 1 affect women around the world?

the french tickler was introduced

How many civilians killed during world war 2?

Around 48.2 Million Civilians were reportedly to be killed during World War 2, 84% were Allied Civilian Deaths and most of it were USSR Civilian Deaths with 14.6 Million.

How did world war 2 affect civilians in the Soviet Union?

The city of Leningrad they became so desperate for food that they even ate dogs.

How many civilians died of starvation or disease in world war 1?

There were many civilians that died of starvation or disease in World War 1. This number was in the hundreds.

How many civilians killed in World War 2?

Well, over sixty-million people died during World War 2. Two-thirds of them were civilians so you can say that the best estimate would be around forty-million civilian casualties.

How did the civilians respond to world war2?


How many civilian casualties were there in World War 1?

Around 7 millions civilians lost their lives in World War 1. Most of these deaths were due to disease and malnutrition.

How many civilians died world wide in World War 2?

About 62 million people, or 2.5% of the worldpopulation

How many soldiers and civilians died in World War 2 in world?

Alot, let me tell you.

How many Czech civilians died during World War 2?

300,000 Czech Civilians were killed during World War 2. 150,000 were due to the Holocaust and rest for Military actions against Civilians by the Germans and the USSR.

Was any civilians involved in the world war 2?

Yes 50 million civilians was killed in ww2, 45 million were allies civilians and 24 million of them were soviet civilians.

How did sacajawea's accomplishments affect them or the world around her?

She stood as and role model and example to other native Americans and young leaders around the world.

How do white tigers affect the world?

they do not affect the world

How many Russians soldiers and civilians were killed in World War 2?

The number is around 20 Million Russians died in the war.

How many civilians were kiled in world way 2?

Over seventy million people, the majority of them civilians, were killed

Number of German civilians killed in World War 1?

the number of civilians that died and where German wer10-12million

How many civilians were wounded in world war 2?


Did the Japanese target civilians in World War 2?