World War 2

How did World War 2 start and end?

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WW-2 began with Germany's invasion of Poland on 01 September


and ended with the Japanese surrender on the USS Missouri on


September 1945.

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The question "How did World War 2 start?" or "What started World

War 2?" can be considered distinct from "What caused World War 2?"

For the latter, see the Related Question link to the right.

There are many views on exactly when and where World War 2

started, and what started it.

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One view is that there was only one world war. It started in 1914

and finished in 1945, with a break from 1918-1939 while the Germans

regrouped. (Kaiser Wilhelm was very similar to Hitler: a

hate-filled expansionist with vissions of world domination.)

More commonly, people believe World War 2 started in 1939. On

August 31, 1939, Hitler and the Nazis staged a Polish attack on a

minor German radio station in order to justify a German invasion of

Poland. On September 1, Hitler declared war on Poland stating one

of his reasons for the invasion was because of "the attack by

regular Polish troops on the Gleiwitz transmitter."

France and Britain had a defensive pact with Poland. This forced

France and Britain to declare war on Germany, which they did on

September 3.

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Some say World War 2 started in late 1931 with the Japanese

invasion of Manchuria. This is sometimes referred to as the Mukden

Incident. The major invasion of China by Japan was in 1937.

Japan had long been coveting mainland resources, invading China

and (en route) Korea for centuries. Under the guise of The

Co-Prosperity Sphere (8-Lands Under One Umbrella), Japan plotted an

imperial takeover of Asia and the Pacific in the style of Western

imperialism less than a century earlier.

The US opposed this movement and placed embargoes on Japan.

Searching for supplies and rebelling against US intervention, Japan

embarked on its Oriental conquest. Hoping to keep the US Air Force

out of Japan's way, Admiral Yamamoto led the attack on Pearl

Harbor. Unfortunatley they opened fire 30 minutes before the

proclamation of war was officially delivered, so many viewed it as

a violation of military convention (Adm. Yamamoto regretted this

fact; he admired Western military practices).

Note that one reason many people say WWII started in 1939 by

Hitler's invasion of Poland instead of by Japan in 1937 is because

the former is the moment when the first main Allied nation declared

war on an Axis nation (Britain declares war on Germany). Rather

than be specific and say the first shots of origin started with

Japan's invasion, it is pointed out that no main Allied nation had

declared war at that time.




The War in

"" title="Africa">Africa

Some people consider the war in Africa as starting with the 1935

invasion of Ethiopia by Italy.

the war started whe Germany invaded Poland in 1939 war was


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