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How did europeans treat African slaves?

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The Europeans treated the slaves really badly.They would squueze as many as they could onto a boat with a roof of 18 inches.They would kidnapp all of the strong people and if they were not strong they would beat them.They got food and in the ships it smelled really bad. Many people would die before they reached their destained land. Famlies got srprated and it was really scary

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How did the europeans treat the African slaves?

very, very, very, very, very, very badly!

Who enslaved African slaves?

Europeans and Americans.

Who were the first Europeans to bring African slaves to the Americas?

The first Europeans to bring African slaves to the Americas were the Portuguese, and why they did it, was because they were funded by Prince Henry.

How did the European get the African slaves?

The Europeans purchased the African slaves from other Africans, kings or tribal leaders.

How did the West African slave traders usually obtain the slaves they sold to Europeans?

The slaves that West African slave traders sold to Europeans were usually captured in war.

Why were the African slaves taken away from their home?

Because other African tribes defeated them in battle and captured them as slaves, then sold them to Europeans. Note, it was other Africans that made slaves of Africans and took them from their homes, not Europeans.

Where were African slaves first brought to work?

The first African slaves used by Europeans were used by the Portuguese, on the island of Sao Tome, to grow sugarcane. The Spanish were the first to use African slaves in the Americas (in the Caribbean), and the first English colony to use African slaves was Jamestown, Virginia (which was the first English colony in the New World). However, long before Europeans used African slaves, the Africans had slaves who were African!

Slaves from Africa were obtained by europeans from?

African slave merchants! :)

Why did most African rulers agree with the europeans taking African slaves?

they didn't, they were kidnapped

What was it like when Europeans raided the African villages?

It was not the Europeans that raided the African villages, this was done by other Africans wanting to capture slaves to sell.

Which religion welcomed African worshipers?

Christianity was introduced to African slaves when the Europeans came to Africa

What is the Caribbean relation to Africa?

Europeans brought African slaves to Caribbean

Who helped europeans take African slaves?

fart i dont know

How did the African slaves treat the European?

molly and gracie & moodoo

What did Bartolom?

people would treat African slaves better

Who helped europeans to enslave people in Africa?

African kings sold their African slaves to the white people

What year was African slavery introduced to European nations?

Well after the African Moors made slaves of the Europeans.

The area known as the Slave Coast to Europeans was?

A stretch of West African coast where Europeans took many slaves.

What idea did the most to encourage Europeans to look for African colonies?

The slave trade was the reason most Europeans started to look for African colonies. Europeans made a lot of money from selling slaves.

Why did the trade in African slaves increase dramatically in the seventh century?

Arab Muslims and Europeans began trading these slaves.

Which of the following best describes the treatment of African slaves?

Europeans had little regard for the slaves' lives and treated them terribly

Why did the Europeans want African slaves who were farmers?

The slaves who could farm would already know how to care for the crops.

What was the difference between African and European attitudes toward slaves?

Africans sold their slaves Europeans purchased the slaves the Africans were selling. Unlike Africans, Europeans wanted the adult males for hard labor

Europeans were the first to make slaves of African people. True Or False?


How did West African slave traders obtain the slaves they sold to Europeans?

they captured them in war