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After the March on Rome, Mussolini became one of Italyâ??s youngest prime ministers. He gained power by heavy use of his secret police and by outlawing labor strikes. Through a series of laws passed by the Fascists, the country became a one party Dictatorship.

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How was fascism able to gain power in Italy and Spain?

someone answer this

How did Germany and Italy gain power?

Through military conquest.

How did the Medici family gain so much power Italy?

They began to gain prominence under Cosimo de Medici in northern Italy- he built a banking empire.

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What factors enabled dictators like Hitler and Mussolini to gain control over Germany and Italy?

They both had a hand in the countries goverments to help them rise and gain more power

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How was fascism able to gain power throughout Spain before World war two?

nationalist groups were provided weapons by Italy and Germany.

From what country did the Honduras gain independence from?


Who did Libya gain indepence from?

From Italy in 1951.

How did Italy gain its independence?

they won a war

What did Italy want after World War I was over?

Italy primarily wanted to gain territory.

How did the king's gain of power effect Europe?

how did the kiings gain of power in europe

What did Italy gain from the treaty of Versailles?

Italy did not gain anything from the Treaty of Versailles. Italy wanted money and land, however, when they changed sides from Germany to the Allies in the middle of the war, there were not able to received what they hoped.

What were the circumstances under which Mussolini rose to power in Italy?

1. After WWI Italy was left to gain less despite being victories. And during the great depression was left Italy to fight over on how and what the government should do, a perfect advantage for Mussolini to rise to power. Mussolini's goal was to turn Italy into a fascist state and his tactic was to control the people at the same time use their nationalism to make them proud and willing to participate in his "revolution" and after he took power, he had made a new fascist Italy.

How did Mussolini gain popularity in Italy?

well he started by pursuading the country and telling them he was going to help them out with their problems. He came to the people in Italy and provided a better alternative to what they had already been facing. He was able to gain enough followers and as a unit they marched through Rome. In order to cease the conflict, Mussolini was made Prime Minister and given power over communist dealings in Italy.

How do government leaders in china gain power?

do government leaders in china gain power

How did Barack Obama gain power?

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Effect that Mussolini gain popularity in Italy?


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Who or what did Morocco want to gain power of?

Morocco wanted to gain power over Western Sahara.

Why did Mussolini gain supporters in Italy?

he got supporters by telling everyone that he could make Italy better

Why were fascist leaders in Italy and Germany able to come to power in the 1920's and 1930's?

they exploited economic hardships to gain popular support

Did Italy gain land after World War 1?

No, Italy was suppose to gain land and money from the Treaty of Versallies(Pronounced Ver - sigh) but they were duped and never did. They actually lost land.

How was fascism able to gain power throughout Spain before World War 2?

Before there was World War II there was a civil war in Spain in which the Fascists were able to seize power using help from Germany and Italy.

Why was Italy invaded by Abyssinia?

It wasn't. Italy invaded Abyssinia in order to gain more control of territory in Africa.

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