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political machines help out the poor and the new immigrants

Poeple were grateful for the assistance they received from them.

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Political machines helped by sorting out some of the biggest urban problems.

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it helped them . No not advantage they learned what they were and used them

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Q: How did political machines take advantage of immigrants?
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How did Political Machines make money?

Political machines make money by skimming the money from the voter and running candidates that would take kick backs, and do illegal deals with taxpayer money.

Who or What was a northerner who moved south to take advantage of unsettled economic and political conditions after the civil war?

Was it the carpetbaggers.

Northerner who moved south to take advantage of unsettled economic and political conditions after the civil war?

They were called Carpetbaggers.

How has modern development helped people take advantage of the natural resources available in the West?

The modern development has helped people take advantage of the natural resources available in the west by immigrating to the west. Most of the people who do heavy labor work at the mines are usually the immigrants.

How is immigration bad?

It really isn't. It can BECOME bad when people take advantage of immigration by running away from their previous crimes and etc. I believe that the US thinks ALL immigrants are taking advantage of us, even though they aren't.

What did Napoleon Bonaparte take advantage of his rise of power?

Napoleon Bonaparte took advantage of the political and social instability in France. He was able to take power because the French government, The Directory, was corrupt and the French people were not happy with the government.

Why was Tammy hall the most famous political machines?

It was because even though Tammany Hall were thief's and liars, they earned peoples trust by telling them that they would help immigrants with jobs, illnesses, funerals, shelter, clothing, and food. They lied to them about helping, so technically they take peoples money by bribing them and thn never giving them what the bribe was.

Did Political machines have a positive or negative effect on America?

Political Machines developed in cities are were run by men who were "professional" politicians in the sense that the purpose of the machine was to keep "friends" in office and to povide the needed votes to "elect" those friends. The leader of the machine did not have to be an elected official. Most were not. The purpose was to increase the profit of the machine by the use of graft, bribes, threats, and election fixing. As one investigator into machines said, the machine was always working for its pockets. Machines got the officials to grant the machine kickbacks, grants, contracts for city work. . .all at exorbitant prices. The Tweed Ring in New York, for example, charged the city $179,000 for four tables and forty chairs. The most interesting item was "Brooms, ect." for $41,190.95!! Many machine members got city jobs that did not exist and machine party member names were listed on the city payroll lists and paid out of taxpayer money. Machines contributed nothing to the economic health and safety of the city, but cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.

Describe some of the reasons for emigration as well as the conditions encountered by immigrants as they sought a new life in America?

People would leave their countries to come to America because of political problems, they wanted freedom, things like that. Once they got to America, life was not as easy as they would have hoped. There were some factories that took advantage of the fact that most immigrants didn't know what was going on. They would take immigrants in to work with them for way less money than they should have been earning. Since immigrants didn't have any money, they would take any job that they could get. For example, the Triangle Factory was one of these sneaky factories. They would actually lock their workers up in the rooms they worked in so they wouldn't try to escape. If the immigrants complained about any of the work conditions, the people in charge would threaten to take their job away.

What is Tagalog of take advantage?

The Tagalog translation of "take advantage" is "samantalahin."

What would be some advantages and sisadvantages to getting congressional approval?

The advantage of getting congressional approval is that you will have political goodwill, the disadvantage is it might take long to get the approval.

What do nativists generally believe about immigrants?

answered by: anomus The Immigrants would take jobs from the Americans