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How did religion affect the development of the New England colonies?

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The Salem Witch Trials, began in 1692 (also known as the Salem witch hunt and the Salem Witchcraft Episode), resulted in a number of convictions and executions for witchcraft in both Salem Village and Salem Town, Massachusetts. Some have argued that it was the result of a period of factional infighting and Puritan witch hysteria which led to the executions of 20 people (14 women, 6 men) and the imprisonment of between 175 and 200 people. In addition to those executed at least five people died in prison with one being pressed to death by rocks.

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How did religion and politics affect the development of the New England colonies?

Resulted in witchcraft

How did the environment of the New England colonies affect the development of slavery?

The environment of the New England colonies didn't affect the development of slavery very much at all. What did affect - and retard that development - was that the New England colonies were not based primarily on agriculture, but on manufacturing.

How did religion affect life in the new England colonies?


How did religion affect life in new England colonies?

if you were a certain religion you lived in a certain area.

How does religion affect business in England?

how does religion affect business in England

How did geography affect the development of the southern colonies?

Geography affected the development of the southern colonies as rivers and mountains limited settlements

How did geography affect the economy and lifestyle of the Middle Colonies?

The colonies' location gave them a relative freedom from the laws of England. speech, freedom of religion. The climate also affected the types of food grown in the colonies and the construction of their homes.

How did England belief in mercantilism affect the colonies?

The colonies became strong by keeping strict control over its trade that's how the belief in mercantilsim affect the colonies.

Why did colonies disagree with England?

religious and education, that is true of why the colonists left England because of freedom of religion and disagreeing with having a "state religion", but after they arrived they did not agree that every decision England made should affect the colonies, such as declaring war and embargo. Financial concerns were the cause of our breaking away though , hence "no taxation without representation". England should not have the power to make proclamations involving the colonies without their Representatives being present and having their say so.

How did the geography affect ecomonic development of the middle colonies?

the middle colonies had the best climate out of the south and the north

How did religion affect the southern colonies?

it made all the people gay...

How did glaciers affect the land in middle colonies?

glaciers pushed soil from new england to the middle colonies

How did the british navy blocking the boston harbor affect the new england colonies?

The British navy blocking the Boston harbor did affect the New England Colonies economically as the supply of some of the goods were cut.

How did the Puritans distinctive religious outlook affect the development of all the New England Colonies?

American Pageant? Look in the third chapter of your book. It's really not that difficult - do your homework, silly.

How did the Navigation acts affect the colonies?

Colonists could only trade with England.....(:

How did puritan beliefs affect life in the new England colonies?

the local church

How did political events in England effect the lives of the colonists?

how did political events in England affect the lives of southern colonies

How did the popularity of farms in the new England colonies affect their participation in the slave trade?

Farms were not a popular means of livelihood in the new England colonies, hence slavery was frowned upon.

How did the french indian war affect 13 colonies?

The French and Indian War affected the 13 colonies because the colonies were taxed of the money that was spent by England.

How did witchcraft affect religion in the 16Th and 17Th century England?

I'm not sure

How did the puritan work ethic affect the New England colonies?

they took all the food

How did the Spanish Armada's defeat affect England and France?

It enabled them to start colonies in the Americas

How did the American revenue act affect the relationship between England and the colonies?

How did the American Revenue Act affect colonial economies?

How did climate affect the economies of new England and the middle colonies?

New England: cold weather and a shorter growing seasonMiddle Colonies: more temperate climate = more prosperous

How did religion affect life in the 13 colonies?

Religion was a large and important element in the 13 colonies. The affect religion had on the people of the 13 colonies was to acknowledge that there was a Being superior to kings or to any governments. The most visible example of this are the words in the Declaration of Independence. In this historic document, it is stated with great power that it is God that has given humankind undeniable rights that cannot be denied. Another result of religion on life in the 13 colonies was the abundance of churches and the large number of religions that were free to be practised.