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What religions were represented in the New England colonies?


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Puritians- wanted to purify the church

They were a group of people discontent in the Church of England. Mostly all colonists were involved with the church. They had very strict lives. Going to church services to the meeting house which is a large building in the center of a town area. Inside were hard wooden benches. They sat on these benches most of the day because that's how long the services lasted. Puritan was too close to catholism. Puritans called for a church Congregtionalist structure in which each individual church would be largely selfgoverning.


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The New England colonies had, for the most part, various Protestant dominations. Certainly the Puritan Church was a large church.

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Assuming that we are referring to the New England colonies, the dominant religions were various forms of Protestantism, like Puritanism, Presbyterianism, Congregationalism, and Anglicanism/Episcopalianism.

The middle colonies are more diverse than the new England colonies because the middle colonies had many different religions and culture such as puritan, Anglican, roman catholic, Amish, and many more.

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